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Christmas Jumper

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TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 17:22:31

I want one.

I haven't seen any nice ones, can this please be the definitive Christmas jumper thread.

Let me know if you see any so we can check them out and see if they're suitable for the Christmas season.

AChristmassyJerseySpud Sun 03-Nov-13 17:25:41

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 03-Nov-13 17:35:09

Marking my place.

I want one too but preferably cotton not acrylic.

BroodyTroody Sun 03-Nov-13 17:37:16

Primark have got really good men's and ladies ones for £12, wearing my one from last year today!
And tesco have got some good ones too but I think those are a bit more pricey!

Mumbledore Sun 03-Nov-13 17:40:00

I like the ones on - I can't decide which one I want!

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 03-Nov-13 17:40:57

Both of these are 60% cotton for anyone else who doesn't want to go for a sweaty flammable 100% acrylic option! grin

Next Christmas pudding jumper

Next Reindeer jumper

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 03-Nov-13 17:43:15

Here are the Tesco's ones -

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 17:48:37

Yeah I was hoping for one that was a bit sparkly.

I'd also quite like a sweatshirt type one. I'd spend up to £50.

I'll post any I find.

HootShoot Sun 03-Nov-13 17:49:14

I've got this one, I love it and can't wait for December!

cazza2878 Sun 03-Nov-13 17:53:39

New Look have loads, including some that light up!

TheBuskersDog Sun 03-Nov-13 17:55:48

I'm on the lookout too, I like the Fatface one but don't really want to spend that much on a jumper that I won't wear for most of the year. That's the problem, I want something nice and preferably not acrylic but don't want to spend ££s.

bluebayou Sun 03-Nov-13 17:57:47

Have you tried Primark ?

TheBuskersDog Sun 03-Nov-13 17:58:24

Tig my son has got this sweatshirt, but I don't think that's what you have in mind. grin

CooEeeEldridge Sun 03-Nov-13 18:02:56

Yeees! Thank you for this thread! Tried to get my boyfriend's nan to knit me one but she wasn't keen so keeping my eye out now. The fat face one is nice, save the children have some knitting patterns too.

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:03:17

Good selection here

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:05:30

TheBuskersDog I might need that one on Christmas Eve after my final bit of shopping!

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:18:14

bohoo has a good selection as Mumble said. I've never ordered from them though, are they any good?

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:21:15

Cath Kidston Santa Sweater

marriedinwhiteisback Sun 03-Nov-13 18:24:28

I want a long line pastel pink sweater with a pocket detail at the front and a very simple neck. Don't care about reindeers or trees or santa. Do you think I can find one? Well I found something that would do, in Brora, don't even go there. M&S? No?, John Lewis, No?, Everywhere else, No? And I don't even think it's too much to ask.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 03-Nov-13 18:35:16

I bought a grey Nordic Primark cardigan - washed it in a netbag at 30c in Fairy then added Lenor.

Flipping thing went all 'felty' even though I straightened it out when it was wet.
I tried to put it on but it felt horrible.
I've bought loads of Primark jumpers before (for myself and DD) but never had this before sad

I found my black and gold reindeer jumper in the loft <<hurrah>> it's washed and ready grin.
It's a QVC Quacker Factory one.

CissyMeldrum Sun 03-Nov-13 18:37:13

I bought one yesterday in Peacocks for £16 ,navy blue with a snowman on. Matalan have Nordic style jumpers.

TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:39:29






TigOldBitties Sun 03-Nov-13 18:42:52


OneLittleLady Sun 03-Nov-13 18:43:37

New Look have some. I've got my eye on a few but I still have last years christmas jumper in the drawer

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 03-Nov-13 18:48:57

I'm liking the Fat Face one smile

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