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I love my Christmas shopping spreadsheet.

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2kidsintow Sun 03-Nov-13 12:58:00

Mine has some formatting. I have 2 tabs per year, one for the large family I buy gifts for and one for the DDs and DHs presents.

It is set up to calculate how much I've spent on each person and display the total under their name. I have a drop down box that lets me say y or n to whether it's been delivered or brought home and it turns green when I choose y. smile

It also totals the amount spent on the family and carries over that amount to the DDs page. There it shows how much has been spent on each DD and then a final total. smile smile

maybe3x Sun 03-Nov-13 11:58:22

That sounds fab, I have a notebook with it all in but am having spreadsheet envywink

AnythingNotEverything Sun 03-Nov-13 11:54:31

We do this! It's brilliant for not buying repeat presents year in year out, and you can keep track of what's arrived from the internet.

We upload a copy to Dropbox so we can see it when we're out of the house too.

Mattissy Sun 03-Nov-13 11:51:06

Ha ha, mine us conditionally formatted with where it is in the full process, idea through to wrapped and whether in budget etc.
I also have macros built in so I can make it into shopping lists etc.

When I said I was an excel geek, I meant it!! Lol

OurMrsReynolds Sun 03-Nov-13 11:37:49

Oooh how did you do that Chocotrekkie?

I have made a simple one, with colums for name, present, ordered, arrived, wrapped and gifted

If its ordered etc the line goes green, not ordered is red. I have included prices too and using autosum realised I have spent alot more than I thought already angry

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 03-Nov-13 11:09:04

Ooo, I might start that this year smile
I can see how it would be useful to make sure you didn't repeat presents!

Chocotrekkie Sun 03-Nov-13 10:45:42

This is why I love mumsnet - I thought it was just me who did this !!

Mine is colour coded too - budget for each person and then red if over, green if under and orange if on budget. Last years was very red sad

OurMrsReynolds Sun 03-Nov-13 10:42:18

Oooh I want to do this!

phoebechicken Sun 03-Nov-13 10:37:03

I love mine too! I can see that I've always blown the budget ;)

raisah Sun 03-Nov-13 04:44:56

Is it just a tracking spreadsheet or one with formulae in that calculates expenditure? If it's the latter, than I am seriously impressed and you should train to be an accountant!

ExcuseTypos Sat 02-Nov-13 23:50:17

What a fantastic idea! I'm going to start one this year.

Thank youflowers

Mattissy Sat 02-Nov-13 23:44:28

I think I love you!!! I'm an excel geek, mine goes back to 2004, lol.

I have a birthdays and other events spreadsheet too. In fact I pretty much have a spreadsheet for every part of my life!

2kidsintow Sat 02-Nov-13 23:15:11

Not only does it help keep me organised and keep an eye on how much I've spent, but it also lets me see what I've bought in previous years so I don't buy the same thing for someone twice!

The favourite thing for me, however, is that I can look back and be reminded of the things my DDs loved at certain ages. I started my spreadsheet in 09 when DD2 was only 5.

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