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Christmas Party!

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nickdrakeslovechild Sun 03-Nov-13 22:09:59

I do this every year, over 40 people came last year which included about 12 little ones. I try to buy wine, beer and soft drinks from end of the summer onwards to spread the cost. I do all the cooking and do the same things every year so I know where I stand and its not so stressful, a couple of years ago my oven broke on the morning of the party but I had done most of the major cooking the day before so could use the small top oven to heat things up.

Don't try to do to much, people are just glad to see you all at this time of year and its such a nice time you don't want to be running around ragged! I do lots of cocktail sausages in different sauces, some carved meats with bread rolls, chilli, baked potatoes, couple of different types of mince pies and fairy cakes. I also get lots of real kids sweeties which everyone loves.

I also use disposable plates and glasses, so at the end of the night it all goes in the bin with the big serving bowls filling up the dishwasher. It's one of my favourite days of the year.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 03-Nov-13 19:08:07

You need some savoury things too - are you cooking everything yourself (rather than the Patron St Micheal grin )

Dips, crudities
Fresh french bread
Posh crisps ( Kettle Chips maybe)
A baked Brie/ Camenbert (mmmmm)

Seafood platter (you can do it on a bed of ice and lemon slices to look cheffy)

Then your mince pies, gingerbread , stollen

And chocolate somewhere wink

curiousgeorgie Sat 02-Nov-13 22:46:56

It's in the evening, just a few days before Christmas. A couple of children (mine!) but mostly adults... grin

Cupcake11 Sat 02-Nov-13 22:44:51

We're doing the same and we're making it a Christmas jumper party so everyone has to wear a cheesy Christina's jumper.
We're also doing a Christina's karaoke - not to everyone's taste but all our friends will have a laugh doing it after a few mulled wines!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 02-Nov-13 22:28:04

What are you planning curious?

Is it more of an afternoon tea with a festive theme?

Canapes and cocktails ?


Will there be children there?
What time of day?

And how near to Christmas?

<<Waits and applies thinking cap>> grin

OneLittleLady Sat 02-Nov-13 21:39:17

Cocktails? like Sloe Gin Fizzes, MudSlides and White Russians?

curiousgeorgie Sat 02-Nov-13 21:31:05

I think I'm going to plan a Christmas party for my close family and friends...

I need some ideas!

I always decorate like crazy so that's pretty much taken care of, other than that I'm thinking mulled wine in the slow cooker, mince pies, gingerbread men?

Any suggestions? grin

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