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Gifts for parents

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Chocotrekkie Sat 02-Nov-13 20:08:37

Sorry if I've missed any threads on this but I am sure some clever people here can help me..

Has anyone got any ideas for Xmas gifts for adults. Budget for each set about £40 but happy to spend less as long as it looks expensive !!

We've got mil and step fil. (age 60s) Won't be seeing them over Xmas so need to post/get delivered to them. They really don't do very much and spend a lot of time at home. In the past have done garden stuff/house bits/books/hampers/individual gift sets.
They didn't seem very happy with anything and I know from sil that a lot of it was given away. They don't have any hobbies as such.

Then fil and step mil ( again 60s). She isn't in the best of health but they do travel a bit. We will be seeing them so can hand deliver. Have done hampers past few years but they don't seem to like them much - comment last year was "oh we get so much food given to us we gave most of it away ". He is a bit of a gadget man and has everything you can think of.

Now if it was up to me I would say stuff the lot of them but DH doesn't agree. he will end up ordering something 3 days before Xmas and spending a fortune so I want to try to pre-emp this !

They will both send us and our kids money for Xmas.

makemineapinot Sat 02-Nov-13 21:47:47

Gift voucher for a local restaurant? Cinema or theatre vouchers?

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