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Baby's first Christmas :)

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 02-Nov-13 15:07:19

babybells at the Emma Bridgwater factory you can paint your own plate and put on prints of DDs hands or feet. Very nice and personal and Emma Bridgewater is a lovely trip and all of their pottery is If you can't get that far perhaps there is a company closer to you that does something similar?

babybellsmum Sat 02-Nov-13 12:24:48

Thanks sheep. We're in yorkshire so no good I'm afraid. Oh you're right I've just examined her hands and barely any fingerprints! Could get the whole hand done though I guess?

Sheeparefluffy Sat 02-Nov-13 12:01:21

There is a local company to me that do the hand and foot print necklaces, but you need to visit them to do the prints. We are south west, please PM me if you would like the address.

I don't think your baby will be able to have them done yet though as they have to be over a certain amount of months as they little finger prints haven't finished developing yet.

babybellsmum Sat 02-Nov-13 09:12:10

Thanks cravingcake, I'll have a look-see if there's anywhere near me doing those.

Lilicat, thanks for all those suggestions. Am certainly going to look at the eggs and taggies! She has the tomy Winnie the pooh dreamshow thing but it seems to keep her awake...strange baby girl hehe.

Lilicat1013 Sat 02-Nov-13 08:19:16

For your fingerprint necklace it might be worth looking at Gifts In Mind I got both my children's fingerprints done as necklaces and a bracelet with their footprints on the charms. I have always been very happy with the quality.

For baby gifts, Hide and Squeak eggs are great. Your little girl will be too little for them at first but she will grow in to them and they are fun for ages. My eight month old son and my three and a half year old son both play with them. They only cost about £5.

My son has the Tomy Starlight Dreamshow which is lovely, very soothing. He loves watching the picture on the ceiling.

Your daughter will soon be growing in to Lamaze toys, my little boy loved the activity knot best. That was the first one he was able to play with.

Taggie blankets are lovely, you can get personalised ones on eBay, any character/design you want with her name put on as well.

My son also loved this ball:,default,pd.html

It is easy to grip and makes a nice noise.

These stacking rings have been a huge hit:,default,pd.html

He loves to push them over and play with the rings. As he gets older he will enjoy using the toy properly.

Aside from that books are always a brilliant gift, little soft toys, stacking cups and teethers.

cravingcake Sat 02-Nov-13 07:38:47

foot & hand cast

It is a small local company that did the cast so hopefully you can find somewhere near you. You can get kits to do it yourself but they can be quite tricky as the little tiny toes/ fingers can break. Its a plaster of some sort. Took a few weeks from having cast to being ready to make sure it was dried properly. They can be painted or left plain.

babybellsmum Sat 02-Nov-13 00:27:20

Thank you all for some amazing suggestions. Will definitely be using some of them.

Cravingcake, what were the footcasts made of? What sort of company? Could you possibly post me a link to something similar?

kiwidreamer Fri 01-Nov-13 22:40:10

There was talk on the main bargain thread of leather wrist bands with DC names on for Dads, might be worth taking a look if your partner would wear.

Ideas for teeny baby stocking... Special teddy, books from your childhood, That's Not My books, hair brush, teething necklace, bath toys, nice hooded towel, next size up body suits / sleep suits (fancy NEXT ones for special), leather pram / crawler shoes, cold weather all in one coat thingy

Repeatedlydoingthetwist Fri 01-Nov-13 22:29:06

It's my DD's first Christmas this year too and I've just this afternoon bought her a personalised bauble for the tree. Have a look on Not On The High Street, they've got loads of stuff, pretty reasonably priced too. I can't wait, it's SO exciting!

cravingcake Fri 01-Nov-13 22:27:02

For my DS first christmas i wanted to do a stocking for him, it was all things he was going to use/need within the first year. He was 8 weeks old.

Ducks for the bath
A heavily reduced in price uv swim suit for summer
Plastic plate, spoons & a my first beaker/cup
Chocolate coins (to start a tradition)
Stacking cups
A book

My DS also brought daddy a special bottle of whiskey and put a little poem with it saying that it had to be saved until DS 18th birthday when they could open it and share it together.

Dont have experience of jewellery but i've just tried salt doh hand prints for this year an they have come out alright.

I had a foot cast done for each set of grandparents, about £20 each done by a local company but made a lovely gift, especially as my parents live overseas and so my dad hadnt actually met DS.

fanjodisfunction Fri 01-Nov-13 22:05:20

Hi, my DS is three weeks so nearly three months at christmas, we are going to buy him a first christmas bauble for the tree and a christmas outfit for him to wear during the day. I've been looking at the elf and reindeer ones.

He will also get a christmas pair of pjs on christmas eve.

babybellsmum Fri 01-Nov-13 21:52:12

Thank you for replying! Yeah we're really looking forward to it smile

I will definitely get to a nct sale, just looked and they have one first week it will be busy!!! Great idea, thanks. That thing looks great but she got one similar when she was born, it's meant to help soothe and settle to sleep but it actually stimulates her haha.

Thanks again!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 01-Nov-13 20:59:21

Congratulations on your new Lo and welcome to MN thanks

Your Christmas sounds lovely, and you don't have to get her much, she won't remember and plenty of parents don't get anything for the first Christmas. Our dd was a similar age at her birthday and we got her one of these, the DG got her one of those music and light things that you put on at bedtime. Not a big hit when she was little as she wanted to be with us all of the time, but once she went into her own room she loved it and still has it on at bedtime now smile

If you want some cheap presents, check to see if your local nct are doing any sales, they usually have some great books and toys.

Can't help you on the pendant though sorry.

babybellsmum Fri 01-Nov-13 19:06:42

Hi all, I'm new to mumsnet and my lg is 6 weeks old so hoping for a bit of help! She'll be about 3 months at Christmas. We're spending it at my parents with all her aunts and uncles (first Xmas together in about 6 years so will be lovely) so she'll be spoiled by everyone. Have asked my parents to get her a jumperoo but as we can't afford much I was hoping for some cheap present ideas for my little lady smile I know she won't remember it but still want it to be special. Also has anyone had hand or fingerprints made into jewellery? Was hoping to get her dad a pendant but everything I can see online seems very expensive...can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! X

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