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Do you have Christmas bedding ?

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lilyloo Fri 01-Nov-13 18:53:00

Just found some nice Christmas bedding , but my sensible head says people don't really have bedding just for christmas smile

IntheMummyCaseisAmeliaPeasbody Fri 24-Oct-14 00:16:42

Yes, I do like the JL snowman cover actually. smile

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 21:09:18

Well Guitar....I am fighting every cell in my body NOT to order Pottery barn and get it sent over.

It would be one of the most stupid things I have ever done, so the fight goes on.

The grinch one is amazing too.

If you order in states though you get much much cheaper price and also they have amazing sales sad and v sad

Guitarghoul Thu 23-Oct-14 21:04:51

Oh, that pottery barn one envy

It's a good thing for my bank balance that I don't live in the States....

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 21:01:29

none of it a patch on this lot though <wistful sigh>

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 20:58:35

I am justifying by will get used in our house for at least three months a year...taking strain off other bedding sets grin and it just brightens up the cold wet miserable nights!

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 20:57:25

christmas Love the JL one, am torn now, between above and that one.

Mintyy Thu 23-Oct-14 20:52:22

NO! I refuse to be coerced like that.

christmascazza Thu 23-Oct-14 20:51:09

I so love this john lewis one but struggling to justify:

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 19:32:25

whats the studio and why is everyting cheap

BobPatandIgglePiggle Thu 23-Oct-14 15:31:09

The website says 023 but that doesn't seem to work either!

BobPatandIgglePiggle Thu 23-Oct-14 15:29:24

Just gone to order Christmas bedding from Studio but the free delivery code isn't working - anyone got a new code by any chance?

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Thu 23-Oct-14 15:00:15

No, not Christmas Bedding. I do have Christmas tea-towels, special kitchen roll and toilet paper (and sometimes bauble-decorated tissue boxes). I should stop, as my children are grown up now.

However . . . we are starting to have littlie visitors, as friends of DC are becoming parents. Will have to get all my tacky snowglobes and singing snowmen out (just for them, of course) grin

MirandaWest Thu 23-Oct-14 14:54:47

I'm starting to quite like the idea of Christmas bedding....

lavendersun Thu 23-Oct-14 14:50:03

Amelia .. I never thought I would do it either, absolutely never, ever and I blame mumsnet christmas.

AmeliaPeabody Thu 23-Oct-14 13:23:02

No. I like the idea but can't imagine I'd ever do it.
I'd prefer something winter themed, and Scandinavian style, so that it could be used for the whole of winter and not just Christmas.

Like this

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Thu 23-Oct-14 12:11:15

Had a look round and I am going with H and M i think.

will put it on in dece and leave till feb.

will give other duvets a break grin

lavendersun Thu 23-Oct-14 11:21:05

I have just received the la redoute one linked to up thread

- the quality is really not great, really thin cotton and no fastenings at the bottom - I think I might return it, it is a 'husband friendly' pattern though which is the one thing it has going for it. I paid £34 incl delivery with a £15 off code for being a new customer. That is for a king size duvet cover only - no pillowcases.

I also bought this in double about a month ago - much nicer quality and included pillowcases for £18

nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:12:39

LS what's wrong with snowmen lol? do you like fair isle stuff? that could probably be used all year round.

AlspookaPicnicCasket Wed 22-Oct-14 21:31:34

Ah, my kind of people... I've just splashed out a whopping £17.99 on a king size duvet and two pillow cases with snowflakes on it, in 'festive red'. I know I'll only use it for one month, but I don't care! It's a bit of fun and an easy way to make the room look festive... Between that and a mini tree on my chest of drawers, I'll feel cheerful when I wake up and see it.

LynetteScavo Wed 22-Oct-14 19:55:56

No, naappyaddict, I dont think I would. I don't like snowmen.

Snowflakes wouldn't be too bad. But would they coordinate with the curtains? Or do people also have Christmas curtains? grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 21-Oct-14 10:01:16

I like tartan but I always feel it's more New Year than Christmas (Scottish parents/ Grandparents)

nappyaddict Tue 21-Oct-14 09:37:00

I think I have seen polar bears too.

nappyaddict Tue 21-Oct-14 09:35:19

LS Would you buy a cushion, throw, blanket or bed set with a snowman or snowflake on? so more winter themed so that it could be used for a whole season rather than Christmas themed that could ony be used for a month?

snappybadger Tue 21-Oct-14 09:00:07

If anyone is looking for Christmas bedding to fit a cot bed Asda have this one for just £9!

LynetteScavo Mon 20-Oct-14 18:35:27

nappyaddict, I have to admit by being very tempted boy some Christmas cushions this year....but only because they are really nice and could be used all year round, but you wouldn't find them in the shops in spring, and would go with the rest of the room.

I really like stag/deer designs, and tartan can be good all year round, but Christmassy at the same time.

I guess it depends on the blanket/throw, tbh.

But I still wouldn't want to buy a quality item and then only use it for a a short time. Because I'm tight like that. grin

I quite like this

and this And might get if for my lodge in Norway, if I had one.

But I will always be a boring plain white duvet person at heart.

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