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Where can I buy animal hat and scarf (all in one)?

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MegBusset Mon 04-Nov-13 23:16:36

Our local market has loads of stalls selling them at two for a fiver.

ilovepowerhoop Mon 04-Nov-13 20:26:53 - good selection here

ilovepowerhoop Mon 04-Nov-13 20:24:11

debenhams have a couple too. I got dd one from tesco

HenriettaBrain Mon 04-Nov-13 13:45:48

Asda also have sonic the hedgehog ones!

sadmum1000 Mon 04-Nov-13 11:40:43

Gutted. Raccoon one would have been perfect for DS but out of stock online in the older age group. Will check out everyone else's suggestions. Thanks

500internalerror Mon 04-Nov-13 10:45:01

They have some in bp garages!

sadmum1000 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:43:15

Thanks all. Sounds like Asda might be my best bet. So cold today I think I need one for myself too

HenriettaBrain Sat 02-Nov-13 23:21:19

DS has a racoon one from asda, £7

I also seen nice ones for girls in peacocks

ladydepp Sat 02-Nov-13 23:03:53

Dd loves her bear one from Asda!

WaitMonkey Fri 01-Nov-13 19:36:57

I bought one from Primark

Dontletthemgetyoudown Fri 01-Nov-13 18:54:44

Saw them in the hell that is sports direct today grin

gerbilsarefun Fri 01-Nov-13 17:08:03

Poundstretcher have them, only 4.99

CissyMeldrum Fri 01-Nov-13 16:57:33

Home Bargains have Dalmatians ,pigs and monkeys £2.99 I think .

jamtoast12 Fri 01-Nov-13 15:05:29

Most local markets sell them for approx £5

CMOTDibbler Fri 01-Nov-13 14:02:03

Asda have them

TwoStepsBeyond Fri 01-Nov-13 14:00:00

I saw one in Claire's the other day, just reminded me to get it for DD's birthday, thanks!

janeyjampot Fri 01-Nov-13 13:36:15

These even have mittens attached!

sadmum1000 Fri 01-Nov-13 13:29:36

Not sure if I've described that well enough. I've seen kids with fluffy animal hat that have a scarf attached. Looking for ones suitable for DS10 and DD6. Not sure what they are called so can't google it.
Thanks in advance

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