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How do you keep Christmas magic alive for teenage boys?

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notagiraffe Thu 31-Oct-13 23:58:21


DSs have asked for money this year, and I'm happy with that, as they are saving up for things which they really want that cost the earth.

But I'd love to give them some thing small but that makes them go wow on the day. Budget for a handful of things is around £50 per child.

They have a stocking (included in the above budget!) filled with a tee-shirt, DVD, book, sweets, bath stuff, fireworks and stuff related to their hobbies.

But what might make their eyes light up? Either an activity or a fun present. I don't want the day to be flat because they've outgrown toys. And I want it to be something festive - just out of ideas right now.

Last year we went to the ice sculptures, circus and giant ferris wheel at Hyde Park Wonderland on Christmas Eve and they loved it, but they've outgrown that too.
What do you do to keep the magic alive for teens?

Parsnipcake Sun 03-Nov-13 07:41:15

One tradition that we have, that is very popular with our teens is 'mean Christmas' ( inspired by the American office). I buy a load of small presents - things that some of the kids would like and others would hate, and also some real crapola from the pound shop. The presents are wrapped and we all take it in turns to throw a dice. Throw a 1 and you get a gift, throw a 6 and you can steal someone else's. It's great fun, and we usually do it on Xmas day evening when there is a bit of a lull. We make it very mean - the occasional heavily coveted gift is usually in there, which everyone takes great delight in stealing from its coveter.

notagiraffe Sun 03-Nov-13 11:12:17

Parsnip that sounds er dramatic. How does it end? How do you decide who gets the best prize finally? And how do you stop it descending into real sulks? You must have very well-tempered teens.

Wibblytummy Sun 03-Nov-13 11:45:20

Not sure if there is one near you, but how about one of the indoor skydiving experiences. They're not too expensive and one year my in laws got one for all the boys in the family (with their club card points too I think!) and we all had a great day out watching them. It suited males from 11 to 56 and they all loved it!

Parsnipcake Sun 03-Nov-13 12:53:56

It ends when the last gift is taken from the sack. My teens are definitely the dramatic and sully genre but it has always been taken well, as they have their proper pressies, and they like posting pictures of the mean prizes on Facebook!

MyBoilsAreFab Sun 03-Nov-13 13:24:55

notagiraffe can I ask where you got the playing cards from? DS1 is learning guitar so would be good for him. Thanks

spababe Sun 03-Nov-13 13:47:05

there was a great thread here last year about what to get teenage boys. I bought the survival wristbands that uncoil to make yards of string also indoor fireworks and silly string was good. This year so far they have got Christmas jumpers from Primark (get now they sell out very early) and onesies as a joke present.

chimchar Sun 03-Nov-13 16:01:39

Top trumps?

I keep adding things as I think of them!

fuzzpig Sun 03-Nov-13 16:17:47

My teen DSCs still love top trumps. it can go on for bloody ages though grin

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