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Do you have a nice nativity scene in your house at Christmas? If so, where did you get it?!

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LauraPashley Sun 27-Oct-13 00:56:02

Just that really! I'd like to get one this year, can't afford to spend lots but don't want cardboard cut outs either! Looked on eBay but lots of rare/vintage type stuff, all too pricey. Thanks!

geminigirl Sun 27-Oct-13 00:59:36

I have this......

geminigirl Sun 27-Oct-13 01:01:40

Ooh, that's a lot of linkage there...that doesn't even work! It's a Willow tree one which was bought by a dear uncle and aunt for us. I have added a few angels to it which were given to me a gifts and I love it.

geminigirl Sun 27-Oct-13 01:02:36

Gatekeeper Sun 27-Oct-13 06:15:03

how much is your maximum spend Laura?

elQuintoConyo Sun 27-Oct-13 06:18:48

My DM knitted ours grin DS keeps hiding Baby Jesus - who needs Elf on a Shelf?

Gatekeeper Sun 27-Oct-13 06:34:51





olivo Sun 27-Oct-13 06:52:32

I have a lovely wooden one designed for children. Bought it from blooming marvellous about 7 years ago. The animals are chunky painted wood, and the people are like little skittles. The stable is very sturdy.

However this year, it will be alongside my new playmobil scene. Not exactly tasteful but I know it will be played with every single day smile

Helpyourself Sun 27-Oct-13 07:00:49

Christian bookshops usually have a good stock year round if you want to browse. IKEA sometimes stock them too.

stargirl1701 Sun 27-Oct-13 07:05:49

We have a Holztiger one for DD.

CrotchStitch Sun 27-Oct-13 08:30:12

We have one I bought from Lakeland when DS was a baby. It's made of Fimo type material and comes out every year- still looks as good as new smile

dementedma Sun 27-Oct-13 08:53:21

Mum and I knitted one about 16 years ago but we are both crap knitters so it is all wonky and the Wise Men need more stuffing and the shepherd keep falling over, but we love it anyway.

BanjoPlayingTiger Sun 27-Oct-13 09:00:07

I want a lovely wooden one but when the kids were little i bought a plastic one and now this is so treasured hmm that I can't get rid to get a nice one. sad

LovelyWeatherForDucks Sun 27-Oct-13 11:14:18

I have my eye on this childrens bigjigs one for DS!

MinesAPintOfBlood Sun 27-Oct-13 11:20:08

Banjo: hand it on the first time one of them has Christmas in their own home "so it feels like you are here". Job done grin

happy2help Sun 27-Oct-13 12:22:47

I have a child-friendly wooden one made by 'The Toy Workshop'.

I wanted one that my children could touch and play with without anyone stressing about it getting broken and I would definitely recommend it. I've had it about 6 years so don't know if you can still get them.

Various pieces have been dropped over the years and it's a bit scratched, but it's survived and that's all that matters. My children already have fond memories of playing with it, and only the other day my daughter begged me to get it out of the high up cupboard so she could play with it as we'd been talking about Christmas. I love them to play with it but had to draw the line at "Mummy, can baby Jesus come shopping with us, pleeeeeeeeeease?"

happy2help Sun 27-Oct-13 12:24:10

Forgot to say - I couldn't afford it when I wanted it, so I waited till it was reduced in the sale in January - it was half price then!

happy2help Sun 27-Oct-13 12:24:43

Hope you find one that you and your DCs and GDCs will treasure forever!

happy2help Sun 27-Oct-13 12:29:32

OP - mine I think is the same as olivo's -like skittles, very bright and sturdy. Also going to get the playmobil one!

DontmindifIdo Sun 27-Oct-13 12:30:23

we have this one

mamaduckbone Sun 27-Oct-13 12:42:24

I have a lovely Haba wooden one passed on from my sister who lives in Germany - they do Christmas well there. No idea how much it cost or where to get one though, sorry!

We put the figures in the Dcs advent calendar stockings and they add them as we get closer to Christmas. It's become one of our traditions.

CiderwithBuda Sun 27-Oct-13 12:50:18

I got a nice one in Home Sense a code of years ago. It's the figures only but is quite nice.

OddBoots Sun 27-Oct-13 12:54:14

Okay, so I looked at the German Amazon site, there are some lovely ones that I am tempted by but this one is slightly baffling.

Slubberdegullion Sun 27-Oct-13 13:03:50

Playmobil. Not tasteful at all but you can take the staff/bible/ camel reins out of the hand of the angel/Joseph/Magi and replace it with a broom/mountain bike/camping mug. For the nativity lolz.

lookingforbaubles Sun 27-Oct-13 13:03:55

i bought one from john lewis a few years ago

--no help now but they do have a nice one for this year

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