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What would your perfect Christmas be like?

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SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Wed 23-Oct-13 00:43:01

After a pretty shitty year I want the perfect Christmas, I just need to work out what the perfect Christmas is. I mean the whole countdown to Christmas period not just the day itself. So far I've decided we need a real tree, attend the village lights switch on, mulled wine while watching Christmas movies, perfectly beautifully wrapped presents, champagne on Christmas morning , and goose rather than turkey as we've always wanted to try it.

I'm looking to steal more ideas, what would make/has made your perfect Christmas?

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Wed 23-Oct-13 23:34:22

I'm hoping to prepare as much as possible on Christmas Eve so I can just go with it more on the day itself.

notso Thu 24-Oct-13 09:32:36

Aww Don'tmention I hope you get your way one day. I was lucky with my DH is he didn't want them to come either but didn't want to offend them, we have to go there on the day after Boxing Day for dinner anyway which is exactly the same as Christmas Day confused, so I don't know why they need to come on Christmas Day too.
We used to have to go on Boxing Day but we got relegated when the golden children BILs and SIL found wives and husband.
I actually like PIL most of the time but they are so controlling in getting their way it just makes me more stubborn.

AphraBehn Fri 25-Oct-13 00:00:18

Me and Richard Armitage in a 4 poster bed somewhere that does room service.

Or did you mean something more realistic?

Rubybrazilianwax Fri 25-Oct-13 10:00:36

One where it snows!
I have to admit to being lucky enough to have relatives who are not annoying or hard to be around so in the past we have always had a lovely Christmas Day. My silaws are great at helping out with food and cleaning. For me my Christmas is enjoyable because we don't do the racing around visiting people thing. December is always manic with all the things the do have on, then in the week before I have a few visits to aunts etc to make, I get the last food shopping on the 23rd. Then I don't go anywhere, apart from Christmas Eve mass until the 27th or so. Anyone who wants to see us is more than welcome to visit and I love people dropping in.Tis past few years have just been magical because it has all been focused on the dc and CHristmas Eve in the house with them is my favourite day of the year. Yes all the peeling and cooking is stressful but I spread this out over the day, doing one veg, then sitting down and watching a it of a film, then doing the spuds etc. I never put a timetable on anything either, that would definitely add to the stress.
In the past at Christmas we have ran out of heating oil, had frozen pipes, a premature labour and a broken ankle. No matter what you plan, something can always throw a spanner in the works!

storynanny Fri 25-Oct-13 12:04:46

One where I can turn the clock back to when my children were little and all at home believing in the magic instead of living around the world!
Oh maybe without the pre 6 am waking, spending all morning in the kitchen, critcal in laws, whining tired children who dont want to leave their toys to go out for a bracing walk though.
Maybe getting up late with my OH and visiting whoever has invited us and then having what we want to eat at whatever time we choose sounds good!
No, I still would rather be spending the day with little ones.
Whatever you do enjoy their little excited faces, it goes in a flash.

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