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Where to place the Christmas tree

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MrsLovebucket Sun 20-Oct-13 16:56:47

Even from the title you can tell this is an important one!

This is our first Christmas in this house with our first DS. We have a small living room with a square bay window. There is currently a small sofa in the bay window area and another on the adjacent wall as you walk in. There are two freestanding shelving units on each side of the fireplace.

Hope that gives a quick description of the room. The problem is I can't work out where to put the Christmas tree.

The two options so far (please tell me if there is another way) -

A) move sofa in bay window to opposite wall. This would allow for a lovely big tree with plenty of room for all the presents I will have wrapped beautifully and colour co-ordinated to the room! The cons are that to have the sofa in the new location will mean taking the tv and tv unit out of the room to make space.

B) we remove one or both of the shelving units beside the fireplace and get either a slim tree or a corner tree that will fit. Practically I know this probably makes more sense but it will be a smaller tree than from option a with limited space for presents. It's also quite hard to find a decent corner tree, have only been able to find one on eBay so far.

I keep making a decision then changing my mind so need MN to decide for me. Have asked DH but he isn't a christmas fan so his suggestion is to go without a tree confused

Sorry that's so long. It's only about where to put the blooming tree!

girlywhirly Tue 22-Oct-13 08:47:24

Good to hear that. I had a 'threequarter tree' in one house I lived in, as the lounge was really tiny and had part of the staircase in it. So the tree was squashed up to the newel post at the bottom of the stairs creating the threequarter look.

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