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Lego novice

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HazeltheMcWitch Sun 20-Oct-13 00:22:35


Marne Sat 19-Oct-13 21:42:28

Dd2 is 7 and is faster at building lego than me smile, I now have to wait until she is bed if I want a go. We have one of the creator houses which she can build on her own, have bought some bigger sets (lego friends) but i'm sure I still wont be needed. Dd1 (almost 10) on the other hand is useless at building it.

fuzzpig Sat 19-Oct-13 20:53:24

Not sure if offer is still on but I got the ideas book for £2.99 on the book people smile

AuntyEntropy Sat 19-Oct-13 20:51:32

Argos and John Lewis worth checking for prices as well, they both sometimes have very good deals in run up to Xmas.

AuntyEntropy Sat 19-Oct-13 20:50:13

The 11 year old might enjoy The Lego Ideas book and/or Brick City (Lego for adults) book. Both are excellent, but check he hasn't got them.
ideas book Brick City
Otherwise you'll probably need a bit of guidance because he probably has a preferred type. I'd pick Technical Lego if you can find any in budget, eg quad bike.

For the 6 year old I'd go Lego Creator, really good value sets, and assuming he's a keen builder then perhaps be a bit optimistic with the age range.

For the 5 year old go Lego City.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 19-Oct-13 20:19:24

Oh no! How old is she? How long have I got left 'to help'?

Marne Sat 19-Oct-13 19:46:43

I have bought dd2 a few sets this year but I'm slightly disappointed that she no longer wants me to help put them together.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 19-Oct-13 18:46:16

OOh, thanks Marne for the head-up re tree house. It is indeed recco'd for ages 7-12. I have just bought it 'for my DS, aged 4'.
Well, I love lego AND treehouses, so he shall be closely supervised. I may even feel the need to check all the bits are there, as soon as it arrives...

fuzzpig Sat 19-Oct-13 18:32:54

True, I love it grin just that some preteens may feel they are too old iyswim

Marne Sat 19-Oct-13 18:19:23

And no one is ever too old for lego, they do sets aimed at adults smile.

Marne Sat 19-Oct-13 18:18:11

Loads of offers on Amazon, the tree house creator set is on offer as are some of the other creator kits ( I think they are age 7+ ), they are great kits because they make 3 different models.

fuzzpig Sat 19-Oct-13 18:01:05

But anyway amazon is a safe bet for lego, usually free delivery and below RRP.

fuzzpig Sat 19-Oct-13 18:00:39

Hmm well the eldest might be a bit old for lego unless you've been specifically told they like it? There is older lego stuff anyway, technic or something? Or Star Wars or hobbit/LOTR?

For the younger ones there's character sets like teenage mutant ninja turtles, Lone Ranger etc. and Lego City has a massive range at various prices.

Or if you know they have lots of normal bricks, could you supplement it with stuff like roof tiles, doors/windows, wheels sets.

There are also lego board games.

Sorry that's probably made your predicament worse not better blush

sleepdodger Sat 19-Oct-13 17:47:10

I am a lego novice and I need ...
god son birthday present (5yo budget £20)
nephew birthday present (11yo budget 12),
godchild christmas present (age 6 budget 14)
and a nephew Christmas present (11 yo budget c.£12) all Lego based
What is the best set for best least money pref online... Thanks!!

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