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Come and Critique my Christmas Menu

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Kendodd Thu 17-Oct-13 16:51:12

Fruit salad, croissants, yoghurt, coffee and posh juice.

Mid morning snack ???? Ideas please

Starter- Not sure, maybe prawn cocktail in a filo pastry case with some salad leaves, any other ideas?
Main- Roast turkey, home made stuffing, roast potatoes and honeyed parsnips, sprouts with chestnuts, mashed carrot, swede and garlic, red cabbage, pigs in blankets, gravy, white and cranberry sauce.
Pudding- Christmas pudding with the usual sides.

Evening snacks- Cheese board, gala pie, chocolate log, mince pies, fruit, nuts

Sounds pretty boring actually.

Any suggestions for a starter? What are you having?

Belsize77 Fri 25-Oct-13 21:18:23

Thanks a lot for the details Nigel. I am now going to shamelessly copy loads of your ideas.

MyBoilsAreFab Fri 25-Oct-13 21:49:55

Mm lots of lovely ideas.

We usually have croissants/pancakes for breakfast, the dc's gorge on chocolate as it is the law in our house that you have chocolate for birthdays and Christmas breakfast.

We go to family for meal which we all make bits for/help out with. Starter usually pate, then turkey and all trimmings, and something like pavlova for pud.

Love the idea of port by the firepit and shall suggest that we do that when we come home early in the evening, if DH and I are not too pissed grin

curiousgeorgie Sat 26-Oct-13 08:35:45

KenDodd, fortunately it's at my parents house! It's about 30 people for the day... My mum even does a really long table from her kitchen into her conservatory with an L bit for all the kids. It's magical... And my brilliant mum does it all (bar the serving!) herself, it takes all Christmas Eve and all Christmas morning to prep.

TheYamiOfYawn Sat 26-Oct-13 09:00:59

schilke, bread sauce is lovely! The point of it is really the spices, so it should be all warm and earthy and aromatic and comforting.

Alwayscheerful Sat 26-Oct-13 09:11:00

Breakfast- Eggs Benedict on bagels or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

enormouse Sat 26-Oct-13 12:07:31

This year I'm going to be taking it a little easier as I'll be about 36-37 weeks pregnant on Christmas day and there's only myself, DP and DS to cater for.

Breakfast - ikea cinammon and saffron buns, fruit, coffee and hot chocolate
Snacks throughout the day - stocking chocolates, gingerbread and mince pies.
Lunch will be about 2 or 3pm at DPs parents.
Main - turkey, a ham (I'll probably be doing this, usually nigellas festive ham), pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots and brocolli with bread sauces, stuffing. Sprouts
Dessert - mince pies, Christmas cake and pud with cream and custard
Cheese board
Evening meal if we're still hungry - ham and Turkey sandwiches with chutney, stocking chocolates if still there

I too want to spend Christmas with bitchnigel smile

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