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What to get lovely neighbours who don't 'need' anything?

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beanandspud Sun 13-Oct-13 20:06:22

We have lovely neighbours that we don't see a lot of. They are always friendly, would help us in an emergency (even a minor one!) and are very kind to DS - they remember his birthday, bring him presents at Christmas etc.

They are in their 50's, very well off and probably don't 'need' anything.

I usually end up giving them nice wine/cheese type presents but would love to get them something a bit different/unusual this year.

Any ideas Christmas mnetters? Budget up to about £40.

quoteunquote Sun 13-Oct-13 23:47:03

Something from David Austin or
vouchers for DA then they could choose something

motherofluvlies Mon 14-Oct-13 10:05:43

A rose for the garden/ pot etc/ gardening gloves ....what are their hobbies?

beanandspud Mon 14-Oct-13 21:47:44

I love the David Austin link, never mind the neighbours, I think I'll be treating myself grin. Some great ideas on there, thank you!

pickofthepops Mon 14-Oct-13 21:51:58

One of those bombus map pictures?

quoteunquote Wed 16-Oct-13 09:57:56

I buy my neighbour heavily scented climbing or rambling roses, and enjoy the heavenly scent wafting over.

My amazing neighbour has a stunning garden, and love roses, (who doesn't) so she always likes them.

QueenofallIsee Wed 16-Oct-13 10:24:57 personalised picture. I bought one from there that had our street name, their famiy name and a nice thing about them on it.

BlueChampagne Wed 16-Oct-13 12:44:12

Posh chocs eg or flowers

EachDay Wed 16-Oct-13 12:48:04

We gave our neighbours a fancy bird feeder and food last year, which they were thrilled with.

3birthdaybunnies Wed 16-Oct-13 14:58:57

Fruit bushes for their garden and hope they have too much so you have to help them eat them the bargain thread had a link to blueberries from the telegraph, you could get those and some nice tubs.

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