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Things That Can Be Done for Christmas Now?

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Cataline Sun 13-Oct-13 20:57:11

Finding and filling a Christmas planner
Preparing for elf on the shelf arrival and subsequent mayhem
Christmas cake making
Choosing and buying Christmas bedding
Sorting decorations and planning where all non-tree ones will go.
Planning which new decorations to buy and how to justify to DH
Buying stocking fillers on every trip to the shops
Searching for and booking Christmas activities
Creating activity slips/buying tiny treats for the advent boxes
Checking out and saving up for the new Emma Bridgwater Christmas range
Creating Christmas bunting
Trip to ikea to stock up on bargain red lanterns and red fleece blankets
Creating a Christmas journal
Negotiating with family about who will visit whom and when!

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 13-Oct-13 20:38:14

Marking my place.

If you are going to make some of your own decorations then I'd start sooner rather than later.

I've started on cards and labels too.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 13-Oct-13 20:33:13

topbanana when I saw the word lists in bold, I got a surging rush of seasonal sisterly love...

For me:

Ordered Christmas bedding (oh-ho yes)
Ordered Christmas Jumpers
Ordered Christmas PJs from White company
Updated kitchen utensils/cake pans etc and bought a few stocking fillers from Lakeland (little boxes of jokes, balloon race cars etc)
Cleaned up and sorted the booze cupboard and made a list of needs (I will add a bottle or so a week)
Made Christmas cake and pud this weekend
Made Delia's Christmas Chutney - it has to keep for a month before eating
Started buying chocs and hiding them at the back of the spare bedroom.
Booked Christmas pre-weekend trip to London
Booked theme park trip two weeks before Christmas
Lists for dry cupboard ingredients made from my fave Christmas cookbooks.....

Now looking longingly at National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Moose Egg nog glasses and matching punch bowl.... blush

chirpchirp Sun 13-Oct-13 19:22:49

So far I have:

Made Christmas pudding vodka and now shaking it daily.

Booked panto and visit to Santa.

Worked out menu plan for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day.

Started buying presents (lots thanks to the bargains threads)

Started making Christmas cards with DS, cute little finger print Christmas lights ones.

Booked girls night out as everyone's diary gets so full in December)

TigOldBitties Sun 13-Oct-13 19:13:34

And yes outside of food, as other people have said:

Wrapping paper and wrapping accessories
Stock up on batteries
Write and address but don't seal Christmas cards
Buy advent calendars
Start a Christmas planner and agree plans with guests

DSJamesHathaway Sun 13-Oct-13 19:08:47

I've been
- wrapping the presents I've already got
- working out what I'm going to get for the presents I haven't bought yet
- making Christmas cards
- making gift tags
- making jam and chutneys to give away (actually DH has been doing it for me smile)

TigOldBitties Sun 13-Oct-13 19:03:21

Lots of great ideas.

So I have been scouring my Christmas magazines and it seems the following are suitable for prepping now (not that I will be doing all of them):

Sloe Gin, Spiced Orange Vodka
Christmas Cake
Christmas Pudding
Turkey Stock

It also suggested making various meals now that you can freeze so that you don't have extra cooking to do over Christmas time.

topbannana Sun 13-Oct-13 18:34:55

Ooh yes, I also intend to be beautifully organised and administer my life effectively this year grin
I have lists already <rubs thighs>
DS and I will be making the cake on Thursday as it's strike day. I have begun to accumulate material for my decorations and know almost all of my presents. We are away for half term and then the buying starts in earnest (if I start now I know things will be delivered when I am away)
Christmas cards ordered (DH likes posh hunting, shooting, fishing ones hmm) and my list is ready to go once they arrive smile
I love Christmas smile

TheYamiOfYawn Sun 13-Oct-13 18:08:19

Wrapping presents, writing cards, planning venues, making cake, booking activities, checking decorations, inviting party guests, making cards/gifts, decluttering.

joanofarchitrave Sun 13-Oct-13 18:06:30

If you will be relying on the wise men of Marks & Spencer to provide a Christmas meal that involves you removing a bag from a foil tray and putting said tray in the oven, order it now.

You could write the right hand side of all cards, address and stamp them now, and then add any messages on the left hand side in early December? Assuming you're going to send any cards [feels old].

Buy advent calendars? I've got caught out on 30 November more than once.

Ensure stocks of sellotape and batteries are high.

Make cake and pudding.

makingdoo Sun 13-Oct-13 17:54:03

Marking my place to see what I should be doing same as last year but I never do anything despite good intentions

BankerMommy2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 17:49:55

Do you make your own cake? That should be started ariund now!

I am makimng cards for grandparents aunts uncles etc.with ds were starting those in next couple of weeks.

TigOldBitties Sun 13-Oct-13 17:38:08

So I know we can be buying presents, but what else, I'm sure there are lots of things I'm normally doing but am totally not on top of it this year.

What can I be buying, making or ordering now?

Hopefully we can keep this thread going so I can keep on top of things in the run up to Christmas.

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