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Paper chains

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hermioneweasley Sun 13-Oct-13 14:52:23

Thos of you who make paper chains, what paper do you make it from? Do you buy kits or do you have anther source?

LowLevelWhinging Sun 13-Oct-13 14:55:50

Little packets from amazon. Lick and stick.

dancedinthemoonlight Sun 13-Oct-13 14:57:29

I make paper changes with my dc's every year I buy thick Christmas wrapping paper and cut it to size.

raisah Sun 13-Oct-13 14:59:42

Little multicolour packs from either Hobbycraft or Yelloqmoon company which have adhesive tabs that you peel off & stick. Simple & easy for my dc to do on a miserable afternoon.

NannyPlumForPM Sun 13-Oct-13 15:10:00

Baker Ross have good ones tht are a lick and stick job

Vatta Sun 13-Oct-13 15:18:57

Use up old scraps of wrapping paper, just cut to size - really easy.

Iamsanta Sun 13-Oct-13 15:21:13

Bought a lovely pack in homebargains 2 nights ago! I think they were 69p.

millyrainbow Sun 13-Oct-13 15:27:58

Dd produces a massive number of art works over the year. We save the special ones. With her full permission, I cut some of the ones that would otherwise end upon the recycling into strips and dd makes them into paper chains. She loves them and last year stayed up till April!

hermioneweasley Sun 13-Oct-13 15:36:46

Great ideas - thanks everyone

wonderingsoul Sun 13-Oct-13 16:24:02

homebase last year had some lovely metalic/ colourfull ones which im going to get again smile

attheendoftheday Sun 13-Oct-13 16:39:50

I think dd1 is old enough to make some paperchains with this year, so I'm watching with interest.

Where do you display your paperchains?

wonderingsoul Sun 13-Oct-13 17:46:10

one the walls some times going into the middle from a corner smile

Katieweasel Sun 13-Oct-13 18:32:38

I bought some lovely ones off ebay by East of India

attheendoftheday Sun 13-Oct-13 23:16:39

Thanks wonderingsoul

iwantavuvezela Sun 13-Oct-13 23:18:27

I bought some lovely ones last year off the Amnesty website

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