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Do you but presents for your pets?

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Amandine29 Sat 12-Oct-13 09:30:03

And, if so, what?

17leftfeet Sat 12-Oct-13 09:34:19

My cats get a tin of sardines and a new toy or two

It's for the children's benefit really

and if you'll believe that you'll believe anything

attheendoftheday Sat 12-Oct-13 09:56:05

Yes blush

Ddog gets a present from us (normally a toy chosen by dd1) and from Father Christmas (normally a bone or other treat).

Both dm and dmil buy presents for her too. And I buy presents for some friend's dogs as well as their children.

I realise I will be flamed for admitting this but I don't care. I'm not harming anyone.

VoldemortsNipple Sat 12-Oct-13 10:04:02

Our dog gets a whole stocking full and he gets so excited when he sniffs which stocking is his. We wrap up his presents and he rips off the paper with his teeth.
He usually gets some chew sticks in Christmas shapes, a new blanket, new coat harness and lead and a couple of squeaky toys. the squeaky toys and edible presents are his favourites.

Its all very cute and he keeps us all amused on Christmas morning.

He also has his own advent calendar. grin

wheretoyougonow Sat 12-Oct-13 10:08:06

Yep. Couple of new toys and some treats. Parents also buy and she also gets a present from my cousins dog!
Very sweet and the kids (and dog) love it.

Amandine29 Sat 12-Oct-13 10:15:13

attheendoftheday Don't worry, I think I'm even worse. My dog gets an advent calendar and a stocking grin When I was a teenager we had a German Shepherd who used to sit waiting for his (doggy) advent calendar each morning when I was having mine.

CherryMonster Sat 12-Oct-13 10:18:16

yes. just a couple of small things.

topbannana Sat 12-Oct-13 10:26:19

DDogs are having new Hunter collars for Christmas this year <rubs thighs>
I normally do a little basket or stocking with a box of biscuits (that I would have bought anyway) some chews (from out the cupboard) a tennis ball (3 for a £1 in Wilkinsons) and a cheap toy.
This is because I am tragic and love Christmas very much. This year is DPups first Christmas which will be <ahem> interesting grin
DCat will get a new collar (which he will promptly lose) a small tin of posh food (prescription diet normally sad) and a toy which he will ignore grin

WaitMonkey Sat 12-Oct-13 10:31:31

Anyone who would flame someone for buying an animal a gift at Christmas is a miserable sod in my opinion.

WaitMonkey Sat 12-Oct-13 10:32:12

Oh, I love the dog advent calendar. grin

WaitMonkey Sat 12-Oct-13 10:33:41

I love this thread, and I don't even have any pets. grin

mummylin2495 Sat 12-Oct-13 10:56:45

We always buy something for my dd s dog. We wrap it up very loosely and love watching her open her gift, one year she opened some of the human gifts too.

VoldemortsNipple Sat 12-Oct-13 11:00:45

Waitmonkey you need to get a virtual pet grin

I got all poncy last year and made everybody homemade stockings. Of course the dog had one too. I'm debating making him a homemade advent calendar this year.

attheendoftheday Sat 12-Oct-13 11:45:28

I really expected this thread to be full of "ffs it's a dog " comments!

Amadine I do an advent calendar too! Well, there is a shared one between ddog and my dds.

I don't do a stocking because I would struggle to think.of things to go in. Ddog has loads of toys already so I don't want to add more than the 1 obligatory one chosen by the dds.

I am making her a personalised cracker (along with the rest of the family) with some little treats in.

wonderingsoul Sat 12-Oct-13 12:07:15

not normally but ds7 has been asking when out cats birthday was..

so ui think this year ill get a stocking.. tesco etc do do stocking for pets...think treats.. toys etc

yeah ill take the kids to buy some stuff i think.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 12-Oct-13 12:26:31

My guinea-pigs have the peelings from our Sunday veg but on Christmas Day they have SPROUTS grin

Carrot, parsnips,turnip peelings
Brocilli stems, cauli leaves

And one year we had a sprout tree, we gave them the stem.
Bad move. My GP2 had the worst gas envy <-- vom face

BeckyBrandon Sat 12-Oct-13 12:30:13

Yup. Our cats get an advent calendar, a stocking of treats and a few toys. then on christmas day I dish them up a small roast to share confused they love it! I know they're spoilt but it's only once a year.

tries to justify the crazy

Amandine29 Sat 12-Oct-13 12:30:38

WaitMonkey I couldn't agree more. My dogs have always had a lot of fun opening their gifts. It's never anything elaborate, just toys and treats.

attheendoftheday I expected the miseries to come out as well but it seems not! I put all of my dog's presents in his stocking so that he doesn't open anyone else's from under the tree. He tends to get a bit over excited!

Amandine29 Sat 12-Oct-13 12:35:13

BeckyBrandon I completely forgot Christmas lunch. That's probably the best bit for the dogs! (They eat well the rest of the year, I'm not one of those crazies who are constantly giving their dog junk food)

BeckyBrandon Sat 12-Oct-13 12:35:14

Oh and last year we got a cat tshirt thing that said "mince pie tester" on the back.

Our ginger cat thoroughly enjoyed that as he wasn't liking the cold much. grin

BeckyBrandon Sat 12-Oct-13 12:37:20

Amandine, It's a one off treat isn't it. Would be unfair to leave our fluffy friends out wink

Amandine29 Sat 12-Oct-13 12:37:38

It probably is embarrassing to admit that I sometimes wish I had a little dog so I could dress them up. Like the sound of that tshirt grin

cupcakeicing Sat 12-Oct-13 12:39:41

DS rabbit usually gets some posh flavoured hay and a new snuggle tube. Thoroughly enjoys both.

DalekInAFestiveJumper Sat 12-Oct-13 12:50:49

My dogs get a stocking each. Watching the two of them scamper hither and yon while trying to decide which new toy to play with is a major highlight of the holiday.

One year, we were staying in a fancy New Orleans hotel for the holiday, because I was there for work. The hotel gave the pups a tiny Reveillion dinner designed for dogs. That was hilarious fun.

girlywhirly Sat 12-Oct-13 12:53:01

Our cat gets a socking full of her favourite cat treats. I would have bought them for her anyway, they last a few weeks. She doesn't really play with toys much anymore, but gets very excited at a few bits of chicken at lunch (we don't have turkey)

Why shouldn't our pets have appropriate presents?

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