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Christmas Hamper Help

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NigellaEllaElla Fri 11-Oct-13 20:10:18

What would you put in a Christmas hamper for my lovely cleaner who is always absolutely skint and can't even afford to get her children any treats like a bar of Choc or bag of sweets. They literally live hand to mouth and she has to work out what she spends on a calculator as she walks round the shop to make sure she doesn't go over the cash she has in her purse.

I know she's not the only person who has to live like this but I wanted to give you a bit of background. I want to do her a food hamper so they can have some lovely treats over Christmas but I don't want to fill it with fancy foods that never get touched, like the obligatory peaches in jars seeped in alcohol.

I want to spend around £40 and preferably gradually get stuff over the coming weeks rather than do it all in one go. (Not exactly flush ourselves at the moment!)

What should I put in it?

swannylovesu Sat 12-Oct-13 12:07:50

it might be nice to pop a supermarket gift card in there so if there is anything special she wants over xmas then she can get it without worrying smile

2blessed Sun 13-Oct-13 08:58:29

Lovely idea OP and some great suggestions. Especially like the annuals for the DC's. Howabout a bath bomb from lush?

BiddyPop Sun 13-Oct-13 09:55:22

She may not be having a turkey, but perhaps as it's the season for leftovers, you could put in a couple of things to make like spices for a curry, not a jar of sauce that would be gone in 1 meal, but a tub of spice mix that can make lots of meals, just a basic Schwartz mild curry powder or similar if you don't know what she'd like.

I tend to put a certain amount of treats (tins of biscuits can work out cheap if you get on half price offers now, but individual packs are good too), like multipack crisps, bag of corn to pop or box of microwave popcorn, sweets, crackers, custard, jelly, some festive bakery (I tend to go for Cadbury,s festive choc rolls or similar, as not everyone likes pudding and cake). But then I also include a big jar of coffee, box of tea, bag of sugar, tub hot choc mix, pack of cereal (often the variety pack), and sometimes things like a bag of rice, bag of pasta, couple of tins of tomatoes and some spices, stock cubes, herbs, jar of jam, long life pitta breads, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. oftentimes here are offers on most of see over e autumn and coming up to Christmas, so I can get a lot by spreading my spend.

NigellaEllaElla Sun 13-Oct-13 10:13:13

Some brilliant ideas, thanks so much everyone.

Snowman Soup? I need to know more.........

SpookyTeacakes Sun 13-Oct-13 11:00:05

snowman soup smile

artyone Sun 13-Oct-13 14:56:53

Sounds like a wonderful idea. When we were children we didn't have money for luxury foods and one year my mum's employer gave us a hamper and I've always remembered it. It was the first time (and one of the few times) I ever tasted Caviar!

Anyway, things I would love in a hamper:

Hot Chocolate
Christmas pudding
Cranberry sauce
Champagne Truffles
Christmassy scented candle
Mulled wine spices
Bottle of red wine
Christmas tree chocolates

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