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So what do YOU want for Christmas?!

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ThatsNotMyPinot Thu 10-Oct-13 16:00:05

There are so many threads on what to get DCs/aged relatives for Christmas, I thought I would start one with our Christmas wish lists - fantasy or otherwise!

This is the place to be extremely materialistic and share what you would like Santa to bring you this December 25th.

After world peace blah, blah, blah, I would like the following:

A nice watch (haven't had one for years)
An appointment to get my 'colours' done
Sheepskin slippers
Some new running trainers
Riding lessons
Some nice skin care products and make up
Paperchase stationary
A shopping spree for new clothes on the back of having my colours done

I am never in million years expecting all of this, maybe one or two things if I'm lucky! I also like surprises/little bits and bobs too.

What is on your crimbo list this year? smile

chanie44 Thu 10-Oct-13 16:07:10

After world peace, I would like

A new handbag (not designer, unless we win the lottery)
make up

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 10-Oct-13 16:08:48

Vouchers to buy some new clothes and a spa day.

TheFowlAndThePussycat Thu 10-Oct-13 16:08:48

An annual subscription to a laundry service
A fit handyman to come and finish off all the bloody annoying little things that need doing round the house.
A fit gardener to blast my garden with a flamethrower and start again with it.
DH to do the two previous items grin
Two kittens
A healthy nutritious ready-meals service for two nights per week.

I the real world, I'll probably ask for some earrings <sigh>

gruber Thu 10-Oct-13 16:12:47

New pjs for said sleep
New slippers
Time every 3 months for a hair cut
Nice clothes that fit (ie I don't look fat!)
Someone to magically sort the kitchen out
My own swimming pool- then I'd be all, y'know, fit and toned.

Not much, then...

kiwidreamer Thu 10-Oct-13 16:13:45

Emma Bridgewater cake tins and biscuit barrel
New bedlinen
A Kitchen aid
A trip to NYC

--barely has a shot with cake tins let alone anything else--

Sahmof3 Thu 10-Oct-13 16:15:43

Apart from good health and happiness for my family, and for my bloody kids to stop fighting, even if it is only for one day, I'd love:

Specially fitted ski boots
Christmas in Switzerland to wear said ski boots
Skiing lessons so that I could enjoy both of the above
Audi Q7...brand spanking new, of course
Wood burner
Face lift...or at least Botox
A new wardrobe of Boden clothes...sick of the sight of my old Primark rags
Apple Mac...every computer in our house has a virus of some sort
Gym membership
Theatre trip..panto or ballet
A job! Than I wouldn't have to ask Santa for anything, I could bloody well buy it myself.

Not that I'll get anything at all, let alone something from my extravagant wish list, having not had a Christmas present from anyone (including DH and kids) for at least 20 years!

FriskyHenderson Thu 10-Oct-13 16:16:40

My Amazon wish list. Not something like the exact item I have specified. The exact item. If I have asked for X from Boots, do not buy Y from Boots and then declare "it was on your list" because it wasn't. When I query where exactly it was on my list, do not say "well I knew you wanted something from Boots" because Boots stocks millions of items. Hence the wishlist.

I've got to get through my 40th birthday first though. A week to go and no one has bought anything off that damn wishlist hmm <practices everso grateful face>

gamerchick Thu 10-Oct-13 16:21:02

I want door murals. I have made my feelings very clear on the matter.

gamerchick Thu 10-Oct-13 16:25:26

That makes me feel quite sad to read that sahmof3 sad

shinybaubles Thu 10-Oct-13 16:25:56

Well if it's a fantasy list
1 - please a holiday
2 - some beautiful baubles
3- more of the above
4 - a 3rd dc - wishful thinking
5 - lottery win to pay for 3rd dc

MamaBear17 Thu 10-Oct-13 16:48:53

PJ's, lovely make up, bubble bath, perfume, body lotions etc. All of the lovely things that I wouldn't buy myself usually on account of the fact that I worry that it is a waste of money.

JollyScaryGiant Thu 10-Oct-13 16:51:32

Wool/yarn to crochet with. Nothing else. Just lots and lots of yarn.

Pinupgirl Thu 10-Oct-13 16:53:30

velvet dressing gown from Deadly is the female
Corsolette from What Katie did
Another pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Sahmof3 Thu 10-Oct-13 16:53:47

gamerchick, don't be sad. Corny as its sounds, it really is more joyful to give than to receive and I get a great a deal of pleasure out of buying gifts for my kids and DH. IMO, they are the ones missing out.

PottyLotty Thu 10-Oct-13 16:56:31

For Christmas I would like :

My husband to remember anything at all I have pointed out over the last 12 years of marriage that I wanted for Christmas grin

SmokedMackerel Thu 10-Oct-13 16:58:16

A cashmere jumper
A soft and fluffy goose down duvet. And matching pillows.
A warm winter coat that actually looks stylish.
A teapot for one person that doesn't drip everywhere

I am quite hopeful about the cashmere jumper smile

gamerchick Thu 10-Oct-13 16:59:12

You mean you buy for your husband but he doesn't do anything for you? Do you at least get a lie in and a day off housework? (If that's your dynamic)

CherryMonster Thu 10-Oct-13 17:00:21

i would like, for my business to take off so i could afford to buy whatever me and the kids need. failing that, nice jammies and slippers, nice bubble bath and a voucher to get my hair cut and coloured.

MotherOfSoupDragon Thu 10-Oct-13 17:00:46

I would like to have my colours done, then a style consultation followed by an appointment with a personal shopper at Debenhams or John Lewis.

picnicbasketcase Thu 10-Oct-13 17:01:31

Why don't they buy you anything though? It doesn't sound fair that you sort out everyone else's gifts and nobody buys you anything. Have you no extended family who buy you gifts either? sad

shockers Thu 10-Oct-13 17:02:18

The house that I viewed and fell in love with, but that we are struggling to get a mortgage for because DH is self employed. We can afford the mortgage, but can't find a lender.

It has a river at the bottom of the garden... with an island. We could have Christmas day paddle grin.

Kikibee Thu 10-Oct-13 17:05:01

A GPS unit

exexpat Thu 10-Oct-13 17:08:06

A new food processor.

A few DVDs of something I will actually watch (NOT Downton Abbey, please)

Maybe some nice earrings.

[Yes, mother, I know I have hundreds dozens of pairs of earrings, but that is because I like wearing earrings, I wear them every day, so I like having plenty to choose from. I very rarely wear necklaces because they irritate my skin and don't usually go with the colours/styles/necklines of my clothes. So why do you keep buying me necklaces 'for a change' when you never see me wearing one? And by the way, mother-in-law, the same goes for brooches.]

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 10-Oct-13 17:08:10

I would like

A lovely necklace - have directed DH towards the Alex Monroe website
Some new perfume
New slippers
Some Elemis things
An iPad mini

I am reasonably hopeful for most of that, DH is good at Christmas.

Fantasy list

A chef and a personal trainer
Someone to come and sort our garden out and make it lovely and tidy and low maintenance.

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