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Contemporary tree ( ok call it a lit twig ) ?

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BeaLola Wed 09-Oct-13 17:39:56

Hopefully get it right this time -

Am thinking of putting in dining room corner - if you have one how do they look IRL pros/cons & do you leave up all year ?


BeaLola Wed 16-Oct-13 12:03:22

.. oh & meant to say its lovely. It does come in a very long box as tree is in one piece & screws into base. It is more frost like than glitter so HOORAY & it still has all the John Lewis notes etc it - do you think someone bought it didn't like it & sold on - cant see JL doing that ?

It is the dark brown like a real tree colour - it took 5 mins to assemble & 4 mins of that was taken up getting the tape off the box ! Looks great with no decs on & looks beautiful in said corner of dining room - I may even put presents underneath it!

anyhow re height - I was worried about the 210 cm etc quoted but risked it due to price and also as couple of reviews on JLewis moaned that it wasn't near 7ft. If I extend tape measure to top of tallest twi it is 200 cm - one happy lady - hope my DH loves it too ?

Now girly whirly how about a argain battery operated preferably pre-lit tree smallish for my DS bedroom .....

girlywhirly Wed 16-Oct-13 12:25:18

Glad you love it! Now you will have to persuade DH that it needs to be up for Hallowe'en, then Christmas, then Easter, and whenever DS' birthday is, suitably decorated at each event.

It could be excess stock, if JL were going to stock a different model (and they decide these things a year in advance of Christmas) the unsold stuff would be bought up by companies that deal in selling on such items.

girlywhirly Wed 16-Oct-13 13:11:58

I think you might be better off buying a small (2ft?) tree and battery lights separately, a lot of prelit are mains powered if ones on Amazon are anything to go by. Battery lights are easily available now at lots of places, JL, Wilkinson etc. We have a string of JL 20 battery bright white LEDS along our decorated for Christmas dining table, wound among a gold twiggy berry type garland and on a gold runner. It looks really good and is safe if the cat jumps on the table!

Would DS like to choose a small tree for himself do you think? You could make an occasion of it (when you have sourced ones in your price range.) Garden centres are quite good for decent quality stuff, and I'm sure Hobbycraft had little trees last year but you might have to wait until all the Hallowe'en stuff gets removed.

WeleaseWodger Wed 16-Oct-13 15:00:31

Mine arrived as well, with the 85£ John Lewis price tag. But I think it's shockingly bad compared to the ones currently on sale at John Lewis (the "bark" looks exactly like brown electric tape on mine while the new models in store have another texture layer sprayed on to make it look more bumpy/bark-like).

All that said, I think a can of fake snow paint can easily transform my brown ugly duckling to a white swan. Still great value as far as I'm concerned.

girlywhirly Wed 16-Oct-13 15:10:01

Thank heavens no one is blaming me! I have to say that at the original price they weren't worth it, but at the Amazon price would be worth tarting up to your liking.

I suppose some of the stock could have been seconds?

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