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MN Christmas Appeal 2013

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SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Oct-13 10:35:56

Can you hear the faint tinkle of Santa's sleigh bells? Are you trying to remember where you stashed your fabulous reindeer jumper? tchgrin

Hurrah! That must mean Christmas is [ahem] just around the corner and the Mumsnet Christmas Appeal is gearing up for another year of festive generosity and merriment.

The MNers' heartfelt community spirit is being unleashed for the fourth year in-house. If you're new to the site or need to refresh you memory, please check out how this wonderful Secret Santa gift exchange came about. In short MNetters nominate a worthy recipient and also donate gifts to other MNetters in a HUGE anonymous Secret Santa.

And for those of you who like the sound of the whole thing and are keen to spread the Christmas cheer, here's how it all works.

So if you know of a MNer who could do with a bit of a boost, help towards making their Christmas more enjoyable, or is just particularly luffly, please go to our NOMINATION PAGE to tell us about them. You have until 15th October.

We'll then drop all the nominees a line to ask for their addresses, ages/sex of any DC along with any further family details they're happy to share. This information needs to be with us by 29th October.

If you'd like to add something special to a MNers' Christmas by donating a gift, thank you! Please go to our DONATION PAGE where you can tell us about the gift you'd like to pledge. We love vouchers because they're easier to match, but we'd be delighted with all sorts. Remember, nothing is too small. You have until 29th October.

By 22nd November <gulp> we will be awash with Baileys The Christmas Spirit liquor, but will have matched up all the donations with the nominees and will send out a Secret Santa mail to the donators so all you lovely folk can get your parcels off well before the final Christmas post. Parcels are addressed to the MNetter of the House (unless otherwise stated) to try to maintain anonymity.

This whole process is anonymous, we do not pass over RL or Talk names.

Donators and nominees are given a code to quote if they want to say thank you to one another on the MN thank you thread following the gifts being sent out.

Any questions about the frankly terribly confusing process, please do ask, or take a look at our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. tchgrin tchgrin

And so <bounces with excitement> may MNHQ be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Oct-13 17:19:44


In our FAQ its days you cannot nominate someone who has been here less than a year but I don't know how long everyone has been here!

Will it let me know somehow if the person I want to nominate isn't eligible?

Please do nominate who you'd like and we'll very happily take a look.

Oh I love doing this!
And crying at the thread after.

Tee2072 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:24:20

Has this been stickied to Active? Because people were upset last year that they missed it as they have Christmas hidden like I do, Facebook brought me here.


RubberBullets Tue 01-Oct-13 18:27:46

Yes good idea to sticky it in Active, maybe Chat too?

skyeskyeskye Tue 01-Oct-13 18:59:59

lovely idea and happy to take part for another year.

I agree it should be stickied in as many places as possible as a lot of people didn't know about it last year.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 19:08:02

<happy sigh>

This couldn't be more perfectly timed smile

Sparklingbrook Tue 01-Oct-13 19:10:53

Can we nominate more than one?

FruOla Tue 01-Oct-13 19:38:09

I'm glad to have found this smile.

But a bit surprised it hasn't been 'stickied' somewhere.

And, yes, what Sparkling says, can we nominate more than one MNer?

Sparklingbrook Tue 01-Oct-13 19:43:07

You know the Talk Round Up that gets emailed? Could it be included in that? I feel like we need a weekly MN Newsletter these days.

FruOla Tue 01-Oct-13 19:55:08

It would be a good idea if this was 'stickied' here, in Christmas.

Plus, duplicated and 'stickied' in AIBU and Chat.

Every single year, after the 'required date', people always say "if only I knew".

What do you think MNHQ?

timidviper Tue 01-Oct-13 20:43:53

This sounds like a really churlish question but I don't mean it to be.

Is there a way when donating of discriminating between those who need the help, have had a tough year, etc and those who have just been luffly? It is a lovely compliment to get a nomination but those lovely folk would probably be chuffed with any token gift.

For example. Suppose I had £50 to donate, I would happily donate that to someone who needs it but think, no matter how fluffy and lovely someone is, I would not necessarily want to give that to somebody who is comfortable, I would sooner give a token gift and donate the rest to the local food bank or something

Jux Tue 01-Oct-13 21:06:48

Stickied in Active too, or maybe stickied at the top of every board.

MollyBerry Tue 01-Oct-13 21:25:28


littlemonkeychops Tue 01-Oct-13 22:39:57

Oh yay! I missed the boat last year on this. Can't wait to join in the warm fuzzy-ness :-)

SauceForTheGander Tue 01-Oct-13 22:41:09


supermariossister Tue 01-Oct-13 22:48:01

nominated, she is a gem of a lady smile

HugAndRoll Tue 01-Oct-13 22:59:24

I've nominated and volunteered. I love Christmas.

Solo Tue 01-Oct-13 23:50:16

Already?!!! shock

MNPlovesthesunshine Wed 02-Oct-13 00:30:02


YoniMatopoeia Wed 02-Oct-13 05:30:34

Solo - it kicks off in late September/early October most years. The organising of it is massive [twitches at memory]

Will donate once the laptop is fired up.

KatyPutTheCuttleOn Wed 02-Oct-13 07:14:42

I've nominated two most wonderful people smile I do hope that they are picked. One has made a big difference to my life in ways that they don't know (and will probably never know) and the other is very supportive on various health related threads although we have rarely exchanged messages, I think she is a star.

Sparklingbrook Wed 02-Oct-13 07:16:52

So how many nominations are allowed?

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Oct-13 09:09:51


Can we nominate more than one?

Yes you can but we do ask that you consider very carefully as we don't want to end up with more nominations than donations. This hasn't happened as yet <crosses fingers>

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Oct-13 09:11:53


You know the Talk Round Up that gets emailed? Could it be included in that? I feel like we need a weekly MN Newsletter these days.

<Ahem> We have a weekly newsletter, called Parenting News, it comes out on a Thursday, you can sign up and catch up here

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Oct-13 09:13:17


Stickied in Active too, or maybe stickied at the top of every board.

it's stickied in active, in latest and also in the newsletter. We will be sticking in Christmas and Site stuff too.
Please feel free to spread the word on the boards tchgrin

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