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MN Christmas Appeal 2013

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SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Oct-13 10:35:56

Can you hear the faint tinkle of Santa's sleigh bells? Are you trying to remember where you stashed your fabulous reindeer jumper? tchgrin

Hurrah! That must mean Christmas is [ahem] just around the corner and the Mumsnet Christmas Appeal is gearing up for another year of festive generosity and merriment.

The MNers' heartfelt community spirit is being unleashed for the fourth year in-house. If you're new to the site or need to refresh you memory, please check out how this wonderful Secret Santa gift exchange came about. In short MNetters nominate a worthy recipient and also donate gifts to other MNetters in a HUGE anonymous Secret Santa.

And for those of you who like the sound of the whole thing and are keen to spread the Christmas cheer, here's how it all works.

So if you know of a MNer who could do with a bit of a boost, help towards making their Christmas more enjoyable, or is just particularly luffly, please go to our NOMINATION PAGE to tell us about them. You have until 15th October.

We'll then drop all the nominees a line to ask for their addresses, ages/sex of any DC along with any further family details they're happy to share. This information needs to be with us by 29th October.

If you'd like to add something special to a MNers' Christmas by donating a gift, thank you! Please go to our DONATION PAGE where you can tell us about the gift you'd like to pledge. We love vouchers because they're easier to match, but we'd be delighted with all sorts. Remember, nothing is too small. You have until 29th October.

By 22nd November <gulp> we will be awash with Baileys The Christmas Spirit liquor, but will have matched up all the donations with the nominees and will send out a Secret Santa mail to the donators so all you lovely folk can get your parcels off well before the final Christmas post. Parcels are addressed to the MNetter of the House (unless otherwise stated) to try to maintain anonymity.

This whole process is anonymous, we do not pass over RL or Talk names.

Donators and nominees are given a code to quote if they want to say thank you to one another on the MN thank you thread following the gifts being sent out.

Any questions about the frankly terribly confusing process, please do ask, or take a look at our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. tchgrin tchgrin

And so <bounces with excitement> may MNHQ be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

littlepinkpear Fri 01-Nov-13 11:51:10


Will we be sent the information to match our donations but also who else might be in the household for a smallish pressie if we want to send more than one?

FruOla Fri 01-Nov-13 15:32:41

I think SandyMumsnet tries to match our donations (we had the option to click on various options, as a donor IIRC) to what nominees tell MNHQ about their family and circumstances.

littlepinkpear Sat 02-Nov-13 05:23:01

Thanks Fruola, might just add some extras too grin

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 03-Nov-13 08:05:24

I donated last year and got some info about my recipient (presumably from some questions MN asked them when they accepted the nomination). I therefore knew the age & gender of their child and some family info so could choose my gift better. It really doesn't have to be expensive. I made some things and also sent a voucher for a gift (due to huge Royal Mail postage costs!).

It all becomes clear when donators get the info from MN later in November. Just don't forget to keep logging on if you're not a regular!!

cakesonatrain Sun 03-Nov-13 08:43:06

I'm really looking forward to buying my donations and wrapping them up all festive and sparkly smile

SmileItsSunny Wed 06-Nov-13 13:06:45

Help I'm too late! I really would like to donate something - it was so rewarding last year to see how much it was appreciated.
MN Towers is there anything I can do?

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Nov-13 14:09:24

Hi there everyone,

We are now busy matching up our spreadsheets, it's going great. A big thank you to everyone!

The nomination and donation pages are now closed.

If you have any queries or last minute concerns please get in touch with us on, we'll be very happy to help.

cozietoesie Thu 07-Nov-13 22:56:13


Thanks for that but I might have to go away for a few days. Is there any indication of roughly when the details will be sent to donors. (eg 'late November' or 'early December'.) ?

IamtheZombie Sat 09-Nov-13 14:01:24

cozie, Sandy says in the opening post that all of the matching up should be done by 22 November and the mails to the donators should go out then.

cozietoesie Sat 09-Nov-13 17:47:47

Duh! Thanks Zombie.


aufaniae Tue 19-Nov-13 22:54:03


aufaniae Tue 19-Nov-13 22:55:12

Oops! <whistles innocently>

IamtheZombie Wed 20-Nov-13 21:10:17

Zombie is getting really excited. She can hardly wait until Friday to learn to whom she will be sending presents. grin

InkleWinkle Wed 20-Nov-13 21:20:04

There's another thread where some one has already rec'd a present.
Not sure how though.

FruOla Thu 21-Nov-13 09:18:06

Inkle, I wonder if she was sent a gift last year and the same MNer has kindly sent her one again this year without being part of this year's SS? Or maybe it was one of those "I've got/do you want?" threads, which are separate from the SS.

Xmas2013MN3277 Sat 23-Nov-13 10:38:51

Having donated in the past I've then not been on MN for a while. We've had the crappiest year I could ever have imagined and getting the email to say I'd been nominated felt like getting a (much needed) great big hug from all of mumsnet smile
Will do my best to post thank yous later on but we are awaiting yet more operation dates for ds2 which sod's law decrees will probably be at the same time as I'd want to be thanking you grin so I'm here now just in case. thanks

TheQuietCricket Sat 23-Nov-13 13:57:48

Should we have heard by now ?

I haven't had an e-mail yet although maybe they are being sent out in batches.

cozietoesie Sat 23-Nov-13 14:04:00

See this thread Cricket. Sandy's computer blew up with the strain (or something) so there will be a slight delay.

FruOla Sat 23-Nov-13 17:15:38

We'll hear sometime next week, Cricket. As cozie said, poor Sandy's computer gave up the will to live the other day! Hopefully, we'll hear during week commencing Mon 25th November.

MOSagain Sun 24-Nov-13 09:19:24

I've not received my information either :-( it worries me when left so late

cozietoesie Sun 24-Nov-13 12:26:10

It's only a few days late, MOS. Keep calm. Royal Mail won't be going doolally for a week or so yet.


MOSagain Sun 24-Nov-13 17:54:13

No need to be patronising. You may not realise it but a number of mumsnetters live overseas. I've donated the last 4 years and sometimes it has been a problem as parcels posted to the UK could take up to 6 weeks. Bearing in mind it is a month until Christmas eve, I imagine some overseas donors will have difficulties

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 25-Nov-13 03:58:39

MOS I'm overseas so I'm using Amazon vouchers as my present. A little impersonal but they will get there.

MOSagain Mon 25-Nov-13 21:45:23

I know some do that MrsT but I just love going out and choosing. It is a good suggestion though, thanks

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 25-Nov-13 23:58:35

Me too but Canada Post and I differ on our idea of what a reasonable amount of money for delivery in a reasonable amount of time is... Wankers.

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