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Is the playmobil police station any good?

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Stillhopingstillhere Mon 30-Sep-13 16:23:56

Ds has asked for a police station, he likes the look of the Lego one but it says 6 plus and he's only just 4. And not adept with Lego to he honest, what he builds looks like nothing.

We could get it and build it for him but seems to defeat the object it of it being Lego so I was looking at the playmobil one instead. Reviews are good, my own experiences with playmobil are mixed! Any good do we think?

shoppingbagsundereyes Mon 30-Sep-13 17:12:33

We had it ( and we are massive playmobil fans). I found ds struggled to know what to play with it and when I thought about it I didn't really want him playing police interrogations. It fell apart more easily than other stuff too so I kept finding shelves and bits everywhere.
He had much more fun with a police car, police motorbike and the gangster car that was in the accessories section of the website.

Stillhopingstillhere Mon 30-Sep-13 17:16:01

Thanks for that, it is as I feared!

Had a search on amazon for police station in the toy section and they either seem to be for older children or younger children. I don't really want an interrogation room included either! Although I suspect ds would like the little guns that accompany the set <sigh>

ClaraBean Mon 30-Sep-13 20:45:17

Ds had this too. It fell to pieces all the time, which drove him crazy. Bits falling off here and there. Ended up on Freecycle pretty fast. He loves the police car though.

shoppingbagsundereyes Mon 30-Sep-13 21:05:48

Spend the money on extra police bits, he'll forget that he wanted a police station. I think there's a cool police van too.

BeaLola Tue 01-Oct-13 15:52:58

Worst piece of playmobile ever .... I have spent more time picking it up from floor in pieces than DS has had playing with it.

stealthsquiggle Tue 01-Oct-13 15:56:01

Ours did get used as a base for prisoners to break out from, but I would agree that Playmobil policemen are generally happier out on the road and using their van as a base.

We still have it, though - I might suggest DD uses it as an extension to the school, which she does play with loads.

Lots of playmobil seems to be 6+ nowadays confused

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 02-Oct-13 20:10:53

I've just noticed on the Xmas bargains thread that the police car with flashing lights is a good price on amazon today.

JustasmallGless Wed 02-Oct-13 21:30:09

Have you seen the take along police station?

pimskie Fri 04-Oct-13 08:50:39

If he likes Lego but is just a bit too young, have you checked out Duplo? I don't know if they do a police station, but my 3 yr old DS loves the big fire station. It stops him from destroying his big brother's Lego fire station...

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