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budget for other members of the family?

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ringaringarosy Fri 27-Sep-13 17:56:30

so weve done budget for kids,but how much do you spend on other members of the family like nieces and nephews,sils and bils,pils,your own parents and siblings?

I have a feeling i am quite stingy,i dont tend to spend more than 20 pound per niece/nephew (in law,dont have any kids on my side)but there are twelve of them!

ALso have about the same for in laws and pil,i probably spend 30-40 on my mum dad and brother.

milk Fri 27-Sep-13 18:06:31

You spend £350 on gifts for family members? shock

ringaringarosy Fri 27-Sep-13 18:12:31

does it come to that much,never worked it out!we have a big family,well dh does,what does everyone else spend?i only have my mum dad and brother on my side,dh has his parents,4 siblings and they have 12 children between them,one hasnt even had any yet!

Preciousbane Fri 27-Sep-13 18:21:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 27-Sep-13 18:22:15

You are mad.
You need to come to some arrangement with your siblings.

NannyPlumForPM Fri 27-Sep-13 18:24:27

I spend about £20-25 on parents, my brother and sister and dp's parents. Rest get cards and homemade shenanigans

DTisMYdoctor Fri 27-Sep-13 18:24:53

I spend around £20 on DN's. Dont bother with siblings with kids, so the only adults we buy for are DP's and one sibling & her husband. Usually around £20-£30 on those. Never totted up the total cost for family - they're all people I enjoy choosing gifts for apart from my dad who is hard to buy for grin

ringaringarosy Fri 27-Sep-13 18:27:18

wow wasnt expecting that!i thought everyone did that,its just that they earn less than dh does,and they never complain about buying for each other,it just seems the done thing!its just something that we have always done.The thing is its not like we cant afford it so id feel mean saying were only buying for the kids.Would like to do more homemade stuff here and there but cant ever seem to find the time!

TheYamiOfYawn Fri 27-Sep-13 18:29:59

I try to keep it to under a tenner each, but would go up to £15 or more for something fabulous. DP probably up to £20 plus a stocking.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 27-Sep-13 18:30:17

I only buy for dh and 2 dcs.
No one else.

MrsGSR Fri 27-Sep-13 18:33:13

We buy for siblings, nieces, nephews and our parents, 16 people in total. Probably spend 25ish on each but we don't have any kids yet (first expected in January) so I expect next Christmas we'll be more stingy!

GemmaTeller Fri 27-Sep-13 18:42:54

£50 each adult children (plus anything I hand make)

£10 each, two sisters, two BILs, five young relations and one adult niece + H and one adult nephew + W.
(I have two more siblings I don't see throughout the year so don't buy them or their family anything)

DH and I don't buy each other anything.

Kelly281 Fri 27-Sep-13 18:51:23

I spend around £5 on adult cousins/aunts/uncles (24 if I've counted right). £10 each on teenage cousins (2). Approx £20 each on child cousins (3) and around £40 on our nephew.

Parents get around £15 each (4), grandparents £10-15 (2) and SIL £15-20.

The amount tends to vary depending on what bargains I find or what I see to buy them.

CherryMonster Fri 27-Sep-13 19:00:21

the only people i buy for other than my kids and dp are my brother and sister neither if whom have dc's, my parents and my friends and their dc's. all other family i dont really see and just send a card for. budgets of around £20-£30 each for parents and db and dsis, £20 ish for one friend, a tenner each for her hubby and

CherryMonster Fri 27-Sep-13 19:00:54

bugger, pressed too soon. a tenner each for her hubby and their 5 dc's and a tenner each for my other friend and her son.

GemmaTeller Fri 27-Sep-13 19:08:17

I do double up my tesco vouchers and buy wine, fancy biscuits and chocloates and kids sweets in the three for two offers so it doesn't cost much to make a fancy gift bag of red wine, white wine, nice chocolates and biscuits for a couple.

chanie44 Fri 27-Sep-13 19:17:32

I have a few levels depending upon tr recipient:

Siblings £15
Parents £20
Nieces and nephews £20
Other adults £5-£10(token prezzie)
Other children £5 (token present)

I do try and grab a bargain so a £15 present could have a rep of £25.

DameFanny Fri 27-Sep-13 19:41:03

10 to 15 quid per dn, 15 to 35 per sibling, ditto parents.

Mostly depending in what I find for them tbh. Only resort to cash for dns and taking my siblings and parents to theatre next year as their Christmas present - dame Edna's farewell tour - which had broken the bank but also means I've only now got little things to buy (DH looks after his side)

DameFanny Fri 27-Sep-13 19:41:39

Oh, and friends get handmade shit, whether they like it or not grin

attheendoftheday Fri 27-Sep-13 20:03:54

Up to £20 on dniece and dnephew (but this year thanks to the christmas bargains thread I've picked up very decent presents for under £10 each).
Up to £20 on dmil, dm and db.
Have agreed not to buy for dbil and dsil.
Up to £5 on a few friend's dc.

Even that adds up to £125 pounds in presents before considering dp and the dc!

Katieweasel Fri 27-Sep-13 23:08:27

We only buy for children now as we all decided as a family that it was getting far too expensive to buy for everyone. We put all the adult names in a hat and we all pick one out each and that is the only adult gift we have to buy. Plus we stick a £20 limit on it. I pulled my own name out last year! Should have put it back in really but hey I loved the present I bought myself!

frazzled74 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:35:33

£30 each neices and nephews -3
£20 each parents-3
£5 each, siblings, friends, others, -40
total -£350
then 4 dcs, dil,dgs,dh.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 27-Sep-13 23:59:14

I buy for very few people because I'm a tightwad many years ago my DBro and DSis and I decided to not buy for each other.
My parents don't drink/smoke/wear any sort of jewellery or perfume/cosmetic fripperies.
I buy them a floral tablepiece for the Christmas table (last year was orange and cinnamon) and I order the same for MIL

My DS has his birthday in December so I keep it seperate from Christmas.

I try to spend the same on DS/DD but DS loves money more than anything else (he's a saver not a spender). DD is much easier to buy for.

We have our Traditional £2 Jar so when it gets opened there's £180 - £200 in there. Split between us. The only rule is it must be squandered joyfully and frivolously.

lade Sat 28-Sep-13 00:48:32

Parents £50 - £75
Brother £50
Grandparents £25 each
Godchildren £10-15 each
Family friends £10-20 per family
Teachers £5-10 each

DH does his family. I have no idea what he spends.

toobreathless Sat 28-Sep-13 00:57:55

Parents £50 each
Brothers (x2) £30-£50 varies from year to year.
Grandparents (x3) £5 each
Cousins children (x2) £5 each
Friends children (x3) £5 each

So totally about £200 ish?
The children tend to get higher value gifts than the £5 IYSWIM, I buy though out the year in sales & often have things to gift on from DDs, we have been given 4 copied of the same boom this year.

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