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Useful, quirky but cheap gifts for adults?

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MrsHowardRoark Thu 26-Sep-13 16:55:37

I have been lurking on the Christmas board for a while so I know many of you are a mine of information and I'm hoping that some of you may be able to help.

I have to buy presents for about 50 adults (I have a ridiculously large family) and not that much money.

We usually make chutneys etc to hand out but I just don't have the time this year.

I've been following the bargain thread and got a few bits but lots of it is either for children or beauty gifts suited to women.

Has anyone got any ideas for small, useful gifts that would suit different people? Maybe kitchen gadgets?

I don't know where to begin to be honest. Please help!

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 17:03:36

Buy some cellophane bags, beautiful ribbon, and do some homemade truffles? Easy as anything, not like the hoi polloi of chutney, sterilising jars etc. Would you have time for that?

Other than that, can you bulk buy church candles, wrap some lovely plain ribbon round those, put in cellophane bags to look vair naice?

ScrewsFallOutAllTheTime Thu 26-Sep-13 17:19:48

Blimey, 50 adults!! I think you should sort a secret Santa- that way you each get a £50 pressie rather than 50 £1 presents.

Anyway if that's not possible, I saw the pound shop had lots of retro sweets- was considering making up some sweet jars myself.

RevealTheHiddenBeach Thu 26-Sep-13 17:21:54

I bookmarked this last year as I thought it had some really good ideas on it. I'm not suggesting you go as far as £5 each (oosh that's a lot of money!) but there are some less-than-a-fiver ones too.

HeyJudith Thu 26-Sep-13 20:58:36

For 50 adults <50! goggles> I would just do little boxes of chocolates (bought not made). I do agree with the suggestion of a secret santa though.

FriskyHenderson Thu 26-Sep-13 21:55:19

Jam jars filled with Smarties. Or go crafty ( and fill with bits of ribbon and buttons. Or stickers and sequins; or hama beads for the kids.

Asda do a apple cutter for £1 - cuts an apple into 8 segments.

TheAwfulDaughter Thu 26-Sep-13 22:16:59

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WholeLottaRosie Thu 26-Sep-13 22:32:56

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yummymumtobe Thu 26-Sep-13 22:41:07

You could but Xmas baubles and write 'merry Xmas [ ] family from [ ] family 2013. Personal and christmassy!

EasilyDistracted77 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:43:51

A novelty vegetable brush. I've got a carrot shaped one smile

siblingrevelry Thu 26-Sep-13 22:44:52

QVC today have a set of 5 LED torches - great little gifts for very reasonable price (if you buy more than one identical set the postage is half price for each):

Nessalina Thu 26-Sep-13 22:51:42

I've seen cute handmade wine charms, y'know that go round the base of your glass so you know which glass is yours? You can buy beads & wire very cheaply and make up lil' sets of four?

LamaDrama Thu 26-Sep-13 22:53:56

I think i would just buy them a lottery ticket each!

StupidFlanders Fri 27-Sep-13 02:46:50

I'd also buy a lottery ticket or make an announcement that you're not buying for adults anymore! You'll probably find everyone would be relieved.

MrsHowardRoark Fri 27-Sep-13 08:23:40

Thank you for all the suggestions.

I have ordered some refillable tea bags from Lakeland so that DD and I can make a Christmas tea blend. Should work out at about £1 for 10 bags.

Unfortunately secret Santa is not an option as it would be seen as very rude to 'ask' for anything. We all get a rather random jumble of things each year. I've never once had a list or asked for a certain gift.

We are all masters at regifting and it's not uncommon to be given something you offloaded a previous year grin

We're an odd bunch.

onehellofaride Fri 27-Sep-13 12:50:36

Not usually one to comment but that sounds like a huge waste of everyones time and money and seems to defeat the object a bit sad

nothruroad Fri 27-Sep-13 13:26:42

Last year I made Christmas pictures for presents. I just printed some Christmas printables from Pinterest and put them in cheap ikea frames. They looked much more expensive than they actually were.

MrsHowardRoark Fri 27-Sep-13 16:09:12

Not entirely sure what object it defeats One.

We have a big family and like to exchange token gifts. As I said we normally make things (and many are great cooks or crafters) but I won't have time this year.

The regifting is a bit of a joke now as some things go round and round.

WaitMonkey Fri 27-Sep-13 16:44:08

Do you receive 50 gifts in return ? It must take half of Christmas day to unwrap them. smile

MrsHowardRoark Fri 27-Sep-13 17:04:55

I do get presents in return, from each 'family unit' IYSWIM.

So as we get older and the 'kids' move out of home we just get more presents grin.

Last time it took 2 hours to open presents. DP was hmm.

YoungBritishPissArtist Fri 27-Sep-13 17:11:53

In my family we've finally decided to limit presents to children only. I'd been suggesting it for years!

I second a little jar of retro sweets, don't spend loads of time on it.

MrsHowardRoark Fri 27-Sep-13 17:15:44

We don't have any children really.

Only my DD, a new baby and a 5 year old, the rest are adults.

The younger generation really need to get breeding grin.

invicta Fri 27-Sep-13 17:18:32

Books - The Book People often have sets of books for £10-£15. You could split the set up into individual presents.

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