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Christmas cake

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dinkydoodah Thu 03-Oct-13 13:27:45

Thanks everyone! Might try a few of these recipes and make some as presents. Mouth watering already !

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 23:35:43

Ah, she's just sent it to me, and apparently, it doesn't keep. So you'd have to make like 2 weeks before, then ice a couple of days before. Then eat it rather quickly. Never mind....

Nigella's choccy does look awesome, and I'm swaying way towards Mary Berry than Delia too....

ShiftyFades Thu 26-Sep-13 22:44:35

I hate Christmas cake but made one last week for a cake decorating class.
First lesson we had to cut the top off, so I had a sneaky piece and blimey, it was bloody lovely!! Had a bit more... And some more...

It was the Mary Berry Christmas Cake which was on the BBC good food site. Everyone in the class was looking at it admiringly and I've never made a fruit cake.
I soaked the fruit for 5 days, not 3, purely because I didn't have time to make it on my planned day. I think the 5 days helped too.
Very juicy, yum... grin

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 17:52:57

Have just messaged a friend of mine, who makes fantabulous cakes for a living. She asked if I had ever done a mincemeat Christmas cake (?!) I am intrigued and she is sending me the recipe shortly. I will post here, she highly recommends it.

Badvoc Thu 26-Sep-13 14:22:07


Forgetfulmog Thu 26-Sep-13 14:18:02

It'll keep for about a month at least - I've made it a couple of times & I'm sure it's been fine after a few weeks. What I did last year though is cut it into individual slices & froze them, then just defrosted a slice when I wanted it!

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 14:14:35

Won't really "keep" though will it...without being iced. And it needs to keep. About 3 slices get eaten over Christmas, and the rest is gobbled up over the next month when the oldies go for their weekly forest walk.

Forgetfulmog Thu 26-Sep-13 14:10:03

Sugar - that choc nigella one is amazing (makes the house small lush), but I really don't think you could marzipan & ice it - it would be too sweet & sickly. It doesn't need any icing anyway as it's so moist & yummy.

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 14:07:47

Just looked at the choc version from Nigella. Looks amazing. Having never made it before, and being more of a "cook" than a "baker" do you think you can marzipan and ice it? Just ice it?

Apparently it keeps for up to 3mths frozen or 3 weeks in a cool cupboard, so can kind of make in advance.

Has to be iced, the "olds" eat it for weeks after.

CiderwithBuda Thu 26-Sep-13 13:30:00

I usually do the Delia one but have had issues with it burning. Found that thread interesting reading SugarHut. I might try the Mary Berry this year. Although am tempted to try Nigella's chocolate one. Might try a small one of those as well.

In fact you have all inspired me to do my shopping list for ingredients and make my cakes.

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 13:17:33


spicynaknik Thu 26-Sep-13 12:22:13

Delia. The Irish whiskey one is my fave.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 26-Sep-13 12:19:42


aliciaflorrick Thu 26-Sep-13 12:17:48

Delia, Delia, Delia. Every year, without fail, she's the best! I've already made two this year.

SugarHut Thu 26-Sep-13 12:15:03

Don't do the Waitrose one. Tastes delish. Falls apart when you cut it.

bymoonlight Thu 26-Sep-13 12:13:30

Delia. Never fails. Unless you burn it ... ahem blush

dinkydoodah Thu 26-Sep-13 12:12:32

Can anyone recommend a great traditional Christmas cake recipe? I missed out last year as I left it too late but want to be prepared this year. Thanks

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