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wooden or other advent boxes

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superbagpuss Sun 08-Sep-13 18:02:03

my DC are the right age to appreciate Christmas this year IMO - they are four - so I want to do a big thing

I would like to get them the advent boxes or pouches that you put little items in - does anyone know what I mean and where I can get two?


superbagpuss Sun 08-Sep-13 18:06:21

or any other advent ideas that done involve chocolate?

also I want to get them personalised stockings - can anyone recommend any?

BadSeedsAddict Sun 08-Sep-13 18:15:29

Would absolutely recommend either Lego or Playmobil advent calendars. Can get backdated ones online, they are worth the money for how long our kids played with each new item as it was brought out. They must have played with those sets for about two hours a day on and off. Then the stuff goes into the Playmobil/Lego boxes and gets played with through the year grin

superbagpuss Sun 08-Sep-13 18:19:47

thanks - I had no idea Lego or play mobile ones existed

BadSeedsAddict Sun 08-Sep-13 19:52:47

They are fab! Don't pay too much for them though. John Lewis are selling some cheaper at the minute grin

toffeelolly Mon 09-Sep-13 21:28:39

Were do you get your playmobil advent calendar's? Looking to get Ds one this year.

iloveholidays Tue 10-Sep-13 21:09:51

I was just looking on Lakeland for advent calendars.

Also some at Hobbycraft.

Also try amazon and ebay.

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 10-Sep-13 22:45:53

Thanks for the John Lewis tip, BadSeeds - just ordered a Lego City advent calendar for DD. smile

BadSeedsAddict Wed 11-Sep-13 11:38:17

Oh brilliant! Will tell the Lego-obsessive husband, he'll be proud of me grin hope she loves it!

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 11-Sep-13 12:33:30

I'm sure she will, it looks fab! smile

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