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Christmas ideas thread for those with teenage DC's

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MyBoysAreFab Thu 22-Aug-13 20:35:58

Following the fab Christmas bargain thread, I thought I would start a thread for those with teenage DC's, who can be difficult to buy presents and stocking fillers for.

My DS's will be 12 and 14 by Christmas and I remember last year they were struggling for ideas for presents, so I don't suppose it will be any easier this year. I haven't really given it any thought yet, but time is marching on!

So get your thoughts/links coming!

inmyheadimthequeen Mon 02-Sep-13 23:19:02

Great thread, it gets harder every year. Marking my place.

prettymess Mon 02-Sep-13 23:22:24

Chocolate bars wrapped up. DD got a massive Cadbury Whole Nut one, big hit
Cinema voucher
Poster (DD is coveting a Minecraft one)
Phone case
Photo frame with picture of their best friends/family/pets
Key ring

VoldemortsNipple Mon 02-Sep-13 23:30:48

A few more ideas for boys.

New watch
Strength ball
Golf, fishing, football equipment
Gaming chair (ds2 would love one)
Good quality headphones, dcs liked the skullkandy hesh ones
Back pack

MultumInParvo Mon 02-Sep-13 23:32:12

Place marking smile

CeliaFate Tue 03-Sep-13 15:11:56

I'm glad I found this thread. Wish I'd seen it before starting my own though. blush

fuzzpig Tue 03-Sep-13 17:58:36

Glad to see this thread!

I'm stuck for ideas for my 15yo DSDs. They really never ask for much bless them.

Usually we get them lots of smaller bits, though have done iPods/phones etc over the years (always communicate with their mum about what she is getting).

They have started getting an allowance this year so they are able to buy themselves the kind of stuff (DVD box sets etc) that we would normally get.

For their birthday I gave them cinema vouchers and they were really happy with that but they now have unlimited cards so that's out too!

Hoping to get them net books for their 16th next year but no clue what to do this Xmas. They are quite young for their age IYSWIM so don't like make up etc.

Last Xmas these mini speakers went down well.

fuzzpig Tue 03-Sep-13 18:14:44

Also if they like wearing lots of funky jewellery etc, maybe beads and elastic? I gave one DSD a 'make your own safety pin bracelet' kit which went down well.

Geeky T shirts are popular with men/boys, this year I'm getting DH this dr who one

prettymess Tue 03-Sep-13 18:23:52

iPod dock or dab radio
a clip on light for bedtime reading
Adopt an animal pack (DD loved an owl one she got)
Stylus for iPod/ipad (stops finger prints and helps with drawing apps)

dementedma Tue 03-Sep-13 22:49:51

Ds main present last year was a gaming chair. Expensive but he has used it a lot.
Also loved things like penknife, lava lamp, beanie with iPhone headphones built in, science museum build it kits, airfix models,Xbox games,joystick,books by David Williams - is Gangsta granny

CointreauVersial Sat 14-Sep-13 23:32:13

Excellent thread, lots of ideas....

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