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Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

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chirpchirp Sun 18-Aug-13 09:34:41

Saw this expression on Pinterest and DH and I have decided to give it a go. Usually we budget about £50 to spend on each other and I'm sure four gifts will stay within that bracket. So now I need ideas!

He like F1 and karting, Star Wars and sci-if as well as anything space related moon landings etc., he paints but has tonnes of materials at the moment. He's not really interested in clothes or music.

We've been together ten years and I've pretty much exhausted every piece of space related literature in that time, I think I saw a Guinness book of records just on F1 stats so that's a possibility.

Anyone got any suggestions or if you're doing this too can I just steal your ideas?!

chirpchirp Mon 26-Aug-13 10:50:10

OMG! I need the Lego delorean for the Marty and Doc mini figures alone! That's amazing.

Arisbottle Mon 26-Aug-13 11:16:16

We roughly do that with our children.

They get a gift which is the "something I want" a book and a pair of pyjamas.

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