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Sils & bils

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DameFanny Sun 18-Aug-13 11:31:30

It's ace isn't it!

Slainte Sun 18-Aug-13 11:22:00

Love that site Dame smile.

DameFanny Sun 18-Aug-13 10:46:56

If you're looking at spices, how about some flavoured salts too -

Many people will be getting something like this from me this Christmas.

spottymoo Sun 18-Aug-13 10:31:34

Love the idea of the afternoon tea thing and the spice kits will look more into them thanks everyone grin

DearlyDepartedMrsFinch Sun 18-Aug-13 09:56:21

Of course, the beauty of the afternoon tea voucher would be that they wouldn't know how much it cost....

DearlyDepartedMrsFinch Sun 18-Aug-13 09:55:48

I second the Spicery spice kits (if they cook, of course).

Also theatre tokens. Or a a voucher for afternoon tea at a local posh joint?

Scuttlebutter Sun 18-Aug-13 00:44:30

Membership to local wildlife trust/National Trust/EH?

Subscription to a magazine?

Theatre tokens?

A nice garden pot planted up with some winter plants (ivy, bulbs, winter pansies etc) ?

madamginger Sat 17-Aug-13 23:47:25

I bought this for bil last year, it went down very well

jamtoast12 Sat 17-Aug-13 22:20:30

Restaurant voucher? Afternoon tea with wine voucher?

enderwoman Sat 17-Aug-13 22:19:08

Tickets to the cinema?

DTisMYdoctor Sat 17-Aug-13 21:13:13

Instead of getting them separate presents you could spend £40 per couple on a little foody hamper gift? Or elsemis body balm is down from £26 to £9-ish in the House of Fraser sale here for the SILs?

DameFanny Sat 17-Aug-13 20:56:56

Posh looking books. Cookery, photography, travel?

spottymoo Sat 17-Aug-13 20:55:05

I have 2 sils and 2 bils to buy for and I'm totally stuck for them.

Smellys are out as they tend to like high end products which my Christmas budget won't stretch to ideally no more than £20 each but less would be nice wink

Any ideas greatly received

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