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Are we sharing Pinterest boards again this year?

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Mckayz Sun 11-Aug-13 18:23:15

It was a great help last year looking at everyones pins. I got loads of great ideas.

So lets start sharing pinterest boards if it isn't too early!

Mine is

iloveholidays Sat 24-Aug-13 06:31:43

thank you. I've only really repinned others so far but want to split it out a bit then can actually plan what I want to do over the build up. first year at home this year so want to make it special.

Thank you

Mckayz Sat 24-Aug-13 06:53:15

I need to rearrange some of my boards. It's hard to find things.

JogOnKitty Sat 24-Aug-13 06:59:50

So yesterday was mainly spent looking at everyones fab pins!
Did anyone have a go at any of the diy gift/decor ideas last year?
Did they work?

supermariossister Sat 24-Aug-13 08:40:35

have followed a few of you and think you have me grin

iloveholidays Sat 24-Aug-13 08:49:24

yes I need to find some time to go through it all and rearrange. There are some great ideas on there x

FranklymydearIdontgiveadamn Sat 24-Aug-13 10:52:39

Thanks mrsdinkage. I'm a wee bit addicted to pinning!

FranklymydearIdontgiveadamn Sat 24-Aug-13 10:53:31

I did a good few of mine. I had featured them on my blog, but I dont have it anymore

PistachioTruffle Sat 24-Aug-13 18:36:42

Hello, may I join in? I love Pinterest and am slowly working my way through nosing through all of your Christmas boards! When I can figure out how to change my Pinterest name I shall return to share mine with you, and to repin all of your pins grin

ots Sun 25-Aug-13 14:42:08

Here's mine, not much on it yet.

SchrodingersHat Sun 25-Aug-13 18:08:58

Here's mine. I think I need to split up my Christmas board though

Trigglesx Sun 25-Aug-13 21:33:26

Aw, seriously ?!?!?! You evil evil people!!! Now I'll never get ANYTHING done - I'll be too busy on Pinterest! grin

Here's mine...


Awakeagain Mon 26-Aug-13 16:13:00

Ooooh 2 off favourite things Pinterest and mumsnet
And about Christmas as well!!!

I have a general Christmas board, ill get in the comp one day and post a link - maybe I need a specific one for this year but it will take a way from
My Cornwall holiday planning one

IsaacCox Tue 27-Aug-13 17:46:06

I was already following most of you from last year grin Here's mine

allaboutthepins Tue 27-Aug-13 18:09:54

Ooh, lovely, lots of new boards to follow!
I love Pinterest. I will actually do some things that I pin. Honest. grin
Anyway, have name changed for this thread.
This is my pinterest board -

Elainemaryp Tue 27-Aug-13 19:44:29

Quick name change to link to mine, I have a general Christmas board and a Christmas food board here.

Think I'm following most of you.

isleangel Wed 28-Aug-13 08:14:09

Can I join please? I've never been on pinterest before but after browsing your fantastic sites I joined last night, and have joined a few of your boards. Will take me a while working through them grin, but I feel like I've found something really addictive. I too will post again when I find out how to change my username and link smile

TheOnlyPink Thu 29-Aug-13 20:28:17

Loving all the festive cheer!!!
I started following loads of you, so heres mine!
My Christmas Pinterest Board

I'm loving looking through all your boards, I'm considering joining pinterest but know I could lose hours on it! grin

Mckayz Fri 30-Aug-13 07:55:08

I've tried to do a Christmas food one too.

IsaacCox Fri 30-Aug-13 08:05:47

If I get time today, I'm going to organise my Christmas (and the other) boards. I'm strangely excited! hmm blush grin

ShoopShoop Tue 03-Sep-13 17:05:36

I've just lost hours of my life looking at all your boards blush

Here's mine....

RosieSupposesHerToesiesAreRose Mon 09-Sep-13 19:10:20

Here are my relevant ones:

Christmas 2013
Present Ideas (mostly Christmas ones)

rachel123456 Sun 22-Sep-13 22:34:50

Sorry, I realise this is from a few weeks ago now, but I've been following various of your boards, and meant to come back and add mine. If anyone is interested, it's Thanks everyone for sharing!

paleandinteresting Mon 23-Sep-13 13:27:51

Mine is

cheekycherryza Tue 24-Sep-13 16:07:12

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