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toy kitchen

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newbiebaby Thu 01-Aug-13 17:39:23

Is 4 too old for a play kitchen or will we be role playing for a long time to come?

newbiebaby Thu 01-Aug-13 22:52:11


Fresh01 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:57:31

I wouldn't say too old. We have kids from 7 down to 18 months. Got wooden toy kitchen for DC1's 2nd birthday. Has been the most played with toy for our kids and visiting kids.

Get a play till and money to extend its play.

jamtoast12 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:05:29

I'd say too old. Dds are aged 7&5 and we had the large red elc one but I sold it 6 months ago as never used. Friends with same age kids all got rid sooner.

jamtoast12 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:07:04

I would suggest this for role plat's FAB!

pookamoo Thu 01-Aug-13 23:07:19

We just got a play kitchen and DD1 is 5 in Nov. She LOVES it. However, we also have a shop, now that is definitely a winner with all ages.

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