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What are you getting your 6/7 year old girl?

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HortonHearsAWho Sun 28-Jul-13 11:49:53

Just sharing ideas... we have no family to speak of so DD (turns 7 in January) won't get anything else other than what we get her.

She is getting - main present - 3DS XL and games (It's quite a big present, but tbh the whole family will use it. It's sort of one of those things you would be getting anyway, so might as well make a Christmas present of it IYSWIM ).

secondary present - Julip Horses, riders and accessories.

other stuff - books (she liked Magic Puppies series, so might get Magic Kittens) DVDs (she's asked for Beverly hills Chihuahua 2 &3 hmm ) Moshi monsters jigsaw, craft kits (sticky mosaics went down a storm last year, might get another set) cuddly toy.

stuff that isn't really a Christmas present but can be presented as such wink Jamas, Dressing gown, slippers, pants, socks, hair bobbles.

FromageFrog Sun 28-Jul-13 12:00:02

DD1 will be 6 (just). Her birthday is Nov so I'm currently thinking of birthday and Christmas presents.

I'm thinking of getting her a cheapish tablet for Christmas so she can go online, take photos etc. Has anyone done this? Was it a success or a bad idea?

Lots of lego will be spread across birthday and Christmas presents

Books - I have a wishlist on Amazon of books I loved when I was her age so can't wait to read these with her.

The only brand she seems to be aware of is Hello Kitty so this will feature somewhere - maybe pjs.

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Sun 28-Jul-13 12:01:47

My DD is 6 in September and will be getting:

a massive art and craft set put together by me, from me and DP
Roald Dahl books (not decided which ones tho)
tickets for me and DP to take her to the panto hopefully (DS is too little to go so need to find someone to look after him)

Whatever she asks FC for that isnt too unreasonable. She's usually pretty "good" and hasnt yet asked for anything really overpriced before now. She has recently asked for an iphone because one of her friends in her class apparently has one hmm she wont be getting one, even for games (the reason she wants one) and I've told her so. She has also expressed a keen interest in build a bastard bear. great.

HortonHearsAWho Sun 28-Jul-13 13:47:08

Fromage - I couldn't decide between a tablet and DS, but loved the look of some DS games, and wasn't keen on her going online much just yet. She's had a leappad explore 'tablet' for a couple of years, that has been a great success, she loves doing photos and videos on it, but is starting to grow out of the available games. She still spends ages on the 'petpals' game on it where you look after puppies, so a move to the more sophisticated 'nintendogs' should be right up her street.

crazykat Sun 28-Jul-13 13:59:27

Fromage my mum got my DD 5yo a tablet and she loves it. Just a basic android one but there's loads of free games for it and she uses the internet but only when I'm there as I delete the password so she can't access it alone.

She's 6 in January so thinking of trading her DSlite in for DSi/3DS and possibly a preowned iPod touch/mp3 player as she loves music. These will be her main Christmas and birthday presents and she'll get a few small things and things she'd get anyway such as new clothes and shoes.

FromageFrog Sun 28-Jul-13 14:01:45

I'm not keen on the idea of increasing screen time but I think at least the tablet could be educational so I will feel less guilty.

She loves the cbeebies website on the laptop and would be over the moon to get her very own computer. Obviously she would only use it supervised.

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