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What do you do Christmas morning/day?

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Proudmummy987 Fri 12-Jul-13 18:47:06

I am up at 4.00 excited as hell,Dh and I wake up the boys. They have to check to see is santas came and then we open prezsies. Get call from families and all,I can't wait for this year will have a new baby. grin.

Excited now!.

Get drunk on the night wine and love being with my babies!.

iliketea Fri 12-Jul-13 19:06:14

Are you aware it's July??? I

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 12-Jul-13 21:30:28

Yes, ililetea but this is the CHRISTMAS thread so we are allowed to talk about Christmas even in July. smile

Proudmummy - this year you probably won't be awake at 4am unless you are feeding the baby. Then you'll go straight back to sleep until a respectable hour. grin

You can have a whole new load of Christmas Traditions too with a squishy new baby. squeeee.

We do the Christmas Eve Hampers for after our walk (PJs, annual, jar of sweets, bath stuff).
Christmas Morning stockings to give DH and I a bit more peace in the morning.
The front room door is covered in wrapping paper for them to burst through.

Mine will be 14 and 11.6 at Christmas, so our traditions have changed a bit.

But I'll be launching a traditions Thread while I'm watching QVC Christmas in July (on the 24th/25th July).
Join in then ,wink

50shadesofknackered Sat 13-Jul-13 10:18:43

We're up early with our girls, they open their stockings on our bed grin Then we go downstairs and check Santa has eaten his mince pie and had his milk and given the reindeer their carrots. Then into the living room for all the presents with the christmas lights twinkling. Oooo it's soooo exciting!!! I think I may steal 70's idea and put wrapping paper over the doorway for them to burst through, they would love that. We take it in turns to go to our parents for lunch each year. I love christmas!

DaddyPigsMistress Sat 13-Jul-13 13:25:20

Last year we did christmas at home for the first time ever, we used to go to my family at 10am and although we all get along and its nice ive necver felt relaxed there at Christmas so i put my foot down and we it was great!

We got up about six, the kids do the stockings while we satbleary eyed on the sofa. Then presents a couple of hours playing, food about 1ish then its a walk to the park for abit. We had leftover about 6ish while watching a film. Bath and bed for the toddler. Older ds stayed up playing with. 10 yr old played lego with his dad till 9 then bed.

It was really relaxed and I will do it again this year but will buy some more family games for the aftenoon.

MadeOfStarDust Mon 15-Jul-13 09:44:27

All our older relatives are gradually dying off.... we will be at home this year - with the girls 11 and 13 and MIL - like last year.

Will get up 8 ish (late film for the kids on Xmas Eve) have bacon rolls for brekkie (bacon cooked night before and flash heated under the grill to make it crispy), open pressies, eat chocolate, lunch about 2 ish, walk the dog, settle down, play some board games, watch some films and not move til bedtime - drinking lots of wine and eating whatever...

forcookssake Mon 15-Jul-13 19:07:49

Yey grin
I've been dreaming of fun Christmassy things to take my mind off this crazy heat-looking forward to 70s thread rounding up traditions in a few weeks now too!
Me and DP are still TTC so Christmas morning includes champagne with something exciting chucked in whilst still in bed, and some festive baking for brunch. But TBH I just keep thinking how wonderful it'd be to have our future potential hypothetical offspring around... Ahem. It's also lovely being just me and him. Thank goodness for this thread / topic, DP smiles fondly whenever I mention Christmas out of season, but also make that 'you're bonkers' face wink

BeaWheesht Mon 15-Jul-13 19:12:51

We never wake the children, never. Not even at Christmas. Not even in a post apocalyptic universe. Not ever.

Last year was a lovely Christmas morning. We had rented a wee cottage with proper beams and a real fire etc. ds (6) woke at 6am and found his stocking in front of the fire and opened it with us whilst dd (2) snoozed away. Dd woke just as he finished and came and opened hers. Then we had breakfast and watched a muppets Christmas carol.

We then for them dressed in new outfits and went to my mum and dads where they opened presents from us and them - this took a ridiculously long time!

After that we took the dog for a nice long walk and met lots of people full of Christmas cheer smile

They played with GP whilst Dh and I made lunch...

Bowlersarm Mon 15-Jul-13 19:39:37

The heat is making me nostalgic about Christmas -although I am loving it (the heat).

Our children are teens now so our routine is to wake up as and when we do, although the first DS to wake up will wake the others. Normally about 7.30/8.00.

DH and I make a coffee, and then the presents are opened one by one. We think this will take hours, but about half an hour later that's all finished.

DH and i take dogs for a walk.

We cook Christmas dinner and eat it when it is ready normally about 2.00ish, then we chill.

We may see our neighbours on Christmas Day, but we try and see family Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so we can just have a chilled Christmas Day itself by ourselves.

Oh, I love Christmas,.....

BiddyPop Mon 22-Jul-13 13:31:18

We are away for Christmas this year (renting a cottage near both my and DH's parents houses) rather than in our own house, for the first time in a few years. So a few things will be different (like I intend having a walk on the beach 500yards away before breakfast!! grin), but lots will be as usual.

We do a Christmas Eve hamper here - new PJs for all (DH, DD and I) and slipper socks, a special (probably chocolate) treat and some luxury hot choc stuff (the cube of chocolate with a wooden spoon in it, that you melt into hot milk), and a relaxing bath bomb each for DD and I. And maybe a new DVD. I also put in our copy of "Twas the night before Christmas" for its first reading of the year at bedtime. The hamper is produced just after we do the Christmas Candle (youngest lights it, so DD does that, and we say a few prayers of thanks for the year) and leave out the treats for Santa and the reindeers. And follow that up with the relaxing bath and new PJs for DD before the traditional tale and perhaps another story if needed to calm her down for sleep.

Christmas morning, DD runs down to open her stocking (waking us en route). Breakfast includes freshly squeezed orange juice (not uncommon in our house, but not regular either), often we bake a roll of croissants (Jus Rol), but always have a reasonable brekkie - maybe bacon sarnies or something.

When we are at our house, we go to mass and then do a round of visits to various family members before coming home to cook our own dinner, and open presents under the tree while that is cooking.

When we are "down home", we go to mass but also have to spend a few hours in each house and that usually includes a turkey meal in both as well. So a short interval (a bit longer than the drive between both) is necessary in the afternoon to be able to cope with it all, where we usually go for a walk somewhere or have a quiet sit down wherever we are staying ourselves.

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