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Christmas bargain thread - it's back!

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Reastie Tue 25-Jun-13 07:26:46

Hello everyone,

thanks moosey for the thread on promo codes I bumped into. Hope you all don't mind me starting a thread again. I've tried to consolidate those codes still working and some links from last year (hope they still work) and a few codes I found which may be useful. List is looking rather small but will build up over time I hope . Lots of sales on at the min so I'm busy working through my list grin

Websites which are good to check for deals hot deals UK offer of the day and money saving expert

Quidco is a must to join and get free cashback here

Track amazon prices at camel camel

Achica have some lovely gifts. Follow this link when you join and you’ll get £10 off your first order

Body shop free delivery and 40% off when you spend a fiver. Code is honey or extratreat here

Book people free delivery with code RHFREE here

Face cloths - the popular ones from last year here

Fake lego advent calendar here

Joules free delivery and 15% off with code NWHD97 here

Moshi Monsters advent calendar for £6 here

Monnier Freres code for £100 off any £300 or more hand bag. Code is GLOSSYBOX100UK here

Nerf gun here from amazon

Zulily is worth a look and has new stock every day. use this link to earn me some credit for referrals thanks

olivo Wed 10-Jul-13 18:10:33

Is Sainsbury's online or just shops?

HenriettaPye Wed 10-Jul-13 18:12:06

Just checked all the stores in Northern Ireland for the football playmobil- thought if any of those had it I could post it over to someone who wanted it, but all out of stock sad

NeverQuiteSure Wed 10-Jul-13 18:23:38

Thanks for the fancy dress tip wornout. There's not much in my DD's size online, but I'll keep an eye out next time I get the groceries as I have a DD who'd love one of their Ariel costumes.

MisForMumNotMaid Wed 10-Jul-13 18:27:28

Playmobil e rangers 5149 head quarters £36.44 from£89.99 Amazon

sameoldIggi Wed 10-Jul-13 18:32:39

Henrietta, that was nice of you smile

PoppyWearer Wed 10-Jul-13 18:40:13

Thank you NeverQuiteSure, my DD has been asking for a Pillow Pet for some time. Ordered! thanks

Jojay Wed 10-Jul-13 19:55:37


knackeredmother Wed 10-Jul-13 20:32:05

Jacqueline, when I went to order it brought up different delivery slots and some were cheaper. I don't thin I paid that much. I did order about 10 boxes of biscuits for various people so worth it for me.

JaquelineHyde Wed 10-Jul-13 21:16:46

I had 3 boxes of shortbread and 1 box of peppermint creams (for me grin ) and I was offered £6.95 for normal delivery on a week day and £12 for delivery on a Saturday.

Definitely worth it if you ordered a lot though. I would have just ended up eating it all anyway grin blush

Oreocrumbs Wed 10-Jul-13 22:59:47

Just bought these crystal studs £4.40 for stocking fillers.

They seem to get good reviews, can't really go wrong for under a fiver.

BuffyFairy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:28:38

Sitting on my hands so I don't reserve a Playmobil school. Part of me thinks it would be silly when I'll have to store it for 2 years. The other part says 'but it's such a good deal!' Wah grin

I've reserved these instead from

ITNG toy


And a Thomas the Tank Engine bath toy


BuffyFairy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:30:23

Thanks wornout, I'll look out in my local Sainsburys for those. Have a few 3 and 4 year olds to buy for who'd love a fancy dress outfit.

Trazzletoes Thu 11-Jul-13 04:41:04

LOVE that IgglePiggle buffy!

MooseyMoo Thu 11-Jul-13 08:40:18

oreo those earrings are £2.90 now

500internalerror Thu 11-Jul-13 09:42:38

£4.40 with the postage!

notso Thu 11-Jul-13 10:48:46

If anyone is on 02 there are some good money off deals with priority moments including,
25% off sanctuary Spa and spend £15 at Sanctuary and get a free travel bag with toiletries. Not sure if you can use them together though.
Free shower gel when you spend £20 at Molton Brown.
£10 off at the Fragrance shop with no minimum spend!
Free Iced drink at Cafe Nero
10% off at Hotel Chocolat

Reastie Thu 11-Jul-13 12:07:20

I'm with o2 notso but PAYG. Do you know how to get those deals? Like the sound of a free iced drink grin

notso Thu 11-Jul-13 12:13:30

I'm PAYG too Reastie you can text MOMENTS to 2020 or sign up online at If you have a smart phone there is an app but if not for most of them they text you a code to use instore or on line.
For those not on O2 you can get a free sim, sometimes you can get paid by topcashback for signing up for one so check first.
DH has one just to take advantage of the moments wink
They have some really great offers so it's worth checking out.

Reastie Thu 11-Jul-13 14:32:23

Thanks notso I'm applying now.

notso Thu 11-Jul-13 14:47:18

Hopefully you will be enjoying a free iced brew soon Reastie smile

milkymocha Thu 11-Jul-13 14:51:50

This was so helpful last year! Cant wait to start! smile

NeverQuiteSure Thu 11-Jul-13 17:45:48

You're welcome Poppy.

The Works 20.2% cashback has just tracked on Topcashback, so that's another huge chunk off the price. Plus the 20% off sale is on until midnight tonight (with code SUMMER)

Loads of books (including some great multibuy deals that work with the discount code, such as 6 Mr Men books for £5), stationery, games and toys.

Theonlyoneiknow Thu 11-Jul-13 20:20:49

Argos search finder for stores that have playmobil is rubbish! There is one in Wick though!

RhondaJean Thu 11-Jul-13 21:06:32

Why has this thread vanished from my threads I am on? Have I accidentally hidden it?

Aaa argh!

Huffpot Thu 11-Jul-13 21:08:17

Marking place grin

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