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Anyone else saving for Christmas this year?

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YourHandInMyHand Sun 07-Apr-13 07:57:27

I'm trying to be organised and save in a separate account this year. In the past I have bought bargains through the year but now DS and his cousins are getting older and tastes are less predictable I've decided to save the cash. Also I tended to get carried away with the buying bargains so wasn't saving a great deal in the long run.

My online banking shows a little savings chart and it's very satisfying to see it add up and know I don't have to stress. smile

I've also decided this year to get DS less "stuff" and buy some consumable presents. Not quite sure what yet but things like a bowling voucher in a box with popcorn, a bowling voucher, a baking kit or two, train tickets (if possible), that sort of thing.

PoppyWearer Sun 07-Apr-13 07:59:17

Thank you for reminding me, I meant to start a stamp savings card at Tesco to help with the food/drink but completely forgot!

lunar1 Sun 07-Apr-13 08:06:35

I buy a £10 voucher every week and morrisons stamps. I end u with £200 for food shopping and £500 of love 2 shop, amazon, m&s and a few others. I like spread the cost out and this usually leaves me enough for the sales too.

YourHandInMyHand Sun 07-Apr-13 13:11:20

I don't bother saving for food shopping as there is only me and DS, I get a few extra treats but it's not much dearer than a usual shop.

Some years I've done an asda or tesco savings card as these can be used for non-groceries in store but this year I'm sticking to saving up cash! I think regardless of how we save though at least we will all be prepared. smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 07-Apr-13 16:52:34

I save up my Nectar Points for the Christmas Food shop
Tesco Clubcard points (but usually these get used on a Double Clubcard promotion)

And my £2 jar which is a savings tin (can only be opened with a can opener) I buy a new one every year after Christmas, Aim is to save £4 a week .
Then we cash it in and divide between DH, DD, DS and myself grin

50shadesofknackered Mon 08-Apr-13 11:34:19

I am! I'm putting £100 a month away in a savings account for Christmas. I am very proud of myself grin

YourHandInMyHand Mon 08-Apr-13 11:40:56

Yay to all us savers! grin

This year I will have money saved ready to go on a big shopping day, rather than buying in dribs and drabs.

That's a good idea saving £2 coins, maybe I should do that just as a general saving tin. Be nice to break it open when it's full! smile

I use my Tesco points for magazine subscriptions and pizza express vouchers.

50shadesofknackered Mon 08-Apr-13 12:44:28

I discovered internet shopping this last Christmas and its great knowing I'll have plenty of money in my account to order loads if stuff in one go this year. It's also nice to know that when I'm looking around the shops I'll have money to buy things and we won't be poor in January. Yay

givemeaclue Mon 08-Apr-13 12:46:41

Yes, I save all year round for Christmas

BirdyBedtime Mon 08-Apr-13 12:54:02

Yes, I've done this for the past few years - £70 per month to cover presents and also extra food and drink over the festive period. I just opened an online account which I set up a standing order to from my current account. I always have a bit left over in January. It definitely takes away a bit of festive stress when you know there is money sitting there. This year's is already at over £400 due to starting off the year with a bit over. Even if you can save a little bit every week/month I'd definitely say it's worth it.

YourHandInMyHand Mon 08-Apr-13 14:11:16

Yep, I try to keep carefully to a budget as I am a carer to DS but am saving what I can (standing order set up) and already have nearly £200! It doesn't have to be a big amount, it all adds up. smile

I found last year that even though I wrote down what I was buying DS ended up with so much stuff! Seeing it on a list and in a pile is quite different. This year I'm thinking one main present that he really wants, and a stocking from me. He gets presents from his 2 nanas, 2 aunties, child minder, TA, etc too - ends up with quite a pile and it's a bit much! Then he goes to his dad's and the same happens there! shock

lunar1 Mon 08-Apr-13 18:57:22

We have to save extra for food as everyone descends on us for Christmas day and we also have lots of people Christmas eve and boxing day, our house is in the middle of where all our family are in the country.

I also like to have enough vouchers for the first shop of the year, I usually go to m&s as a treat.

I used to hate the feeling in January, December wages always get paid early so ended up getting spent on on Christmas things and we would be broke the whole month. I love that now January is a normal month and this year we had more than we normally would as we had so many vouchers left for food.

50shadesofknackered Mon 06-May-13 08:12:13

£400 saved so far, yay! dh thinks I'm crazy but I don't care

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 06-May-13 17:49:58

grin brilliant 50shades

Do you let your savings account have a month off for the summer holidays or are you very diligent with your savings?

I keep all my Nectar points for Christmas but I do spent the M&S rewards and the Tesco Clubcards points throughout the year.(Usually gets used on Double Points Promotions)

Got about £55 on Nectar Points and when I use the Double Reward Points and Bonus Points it really adds up <<bit weird according to DH>> blush

50shadesofknackered Mon 06-May-13 18:58:38

No, i try to put in the £100 every month unless something major comes up, although I have other savings too so Christmas account isn't really needed. I always say I'm going to save my clubcard points for Christmas but I never do. Oooo I can't wait to start spending it! who cares what our dh's say

sooperdooper Mon 06-May-13 19:03:17

Me & Dh both tend to get vouchers from work for various things, so we've started putting them away for Christmas pressies instead of spending them on treats, we've got £200 in love2shop vouchers so far smile

sooperdooper Mon 06-May-13 19:04:09

Oh, and I save up my Boots points over the year for Christmas presents too - last year I had about £50

poocatcherchampion Mon 06-May-13 19:04:27

yes we save £50 for Xmas and £100 for hols every month. very satisfying. I almost don't want to go on hols as I don't want to see the amount drop right down again. <saddo>

ratbagcatbag Sun 12-May-13 08:04:30

I save nectar points for food shop and tesco points for toy double up smile although switched to ocado shopping so not getting quite as many points as before.
I've now got eight week old dd, so I move the child benefit to another account and save that in there, although I can access it, I probably need another account somewhere. Is it easy to open an online account with anyone other than lloydstsb which is who I already Internet bank with?

50shadesofknackered Sun 12-May-13 11:35:16

I have a current account with Lloyds and 2 savings accounts with them, their internet banking is really good. Not sure about anyone else tho dh is with Barclays and says their online banking is rubbish.

50shadesofknackered Thu 27-Jun-13 20:49:49

I'm still saving, have got quite a bit saved now. How's everyone else doing?

lunar1 Fri 28-Jun-13 17:58:59

Still saving here too, ive got about £300 in vouchers for various shops, £100 morrisons stamps, £80 on my necter card and have bought my first 2 presents! They were a couple of blueray box sets that were an amazing deal on amazon!

50shadesofknackered Sat 29-Jun-13 08:00:06

I have £600 saved so far grin I havn't bought any presents yet tho, I'd worry the kids would find them.

YourHandInMyHand Sat 29-Jun-13 20:48:06

Well done 50shades! grin

I have over 300, am putting in less as on a small budget but thankfully only one dc, and am quite strict with what I spend on each niece and nephew. I don't have to spend loads on food either as we tend to go visit others as there's just the 2 of us and it's nice to get out.

I got a few things in the January sales before I started the savings but have told myself I shall not buy anything else until at least November. Then I might go for a mega shopping day out and do it all in one go!

raisah Sat 29-Jun-13 22:11:27

I buy bulk boxes of chocs, tea & drinks from wholesalers as it works out cheaper. You dont need to register with JJ Wholesalers, you book online, pay & collect within a certain time slot.

Costcos have different types of membership so members of the public can buy too. Only downside is that you need a car.

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