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Artificial trees - PE trees? Looking at the sales...

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Castlelough Sat 26-Jan-13 11:22:03

Thanks for your kind reply 70isnotalimit smile.
I realise my planning is a bit off timing for most normal people!!!! (and I haven't even dared mention it to DH - he would definitely think I was losing my marbles!)

I DO love real trees, and I don't think they can be emulated...but, I was thinking that such a tall one would cost quite a lot.

Thanks for the advice regarding storage and getting a tree that can be it together in pieces. And also pre-lit (I hadn't really considered that as I was wondering what happens when bulbs go etc!)

Thanks for replying,

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 22-Jan-13 22:29:00

Even as the biggest Christmas-aholic ever i applaud your early planning.
And if you can get a bargainous tree now then why not.
I Googled in PE Trees and a site came up (they went up to 14' ) gorgeous.
No knowledge of these trees but they do look lovely.
They're not pre-lit are they?

We have a prelit tree (in 3 sections for storage- that's another thing you'll have to consider.Where will you keep it). The bulbs are nicer if they are in the branches IISWIM. Ours have wires (it's OK once I put more lights on and the baubles)

Hope your Christmas 2013 is better than 2012 sounds sad.

Do you think for this year with your new house and the beautiful window you should go for a real tree? You can't beat the fragrance after all.
No amount of Yankee Candles will give you that real pine smell wink

Castlelough Mon 21-Jan-13 01:36:53

With a miscarriage that started in early Dec and dragged on for three weeks, and the fact that DH and I had planned to spend it apart on opposite sides of the country, we didn't end up putting up a single decoration this year.

We hope to have moved into our new house before next Christmas (building) and I am determined to have a different kind of Christmas next year....

Starting with decorations - namely the tree!
So i have been browsing online for post-Christmas sales and have noticed a type of tree called 'pe' or 'real feel'.

Has anyone got one of these?
Would you recommend it?
Or what type of artificial tree would anyone recommend?
We have always had a real tree before, but we have a beautiful long window that would suit a 7-9 ft tree and I'm thinking artificial is the way to go for this!

I know it's early to be planning, but I don't want Christmas to be miserable again next year. Am drawing up a list of decs and a budget and hoping to pick up the tree in the sales as it is probably the biggest outlay! Some of the plush trees have hundreds knocked off the price at the moment....

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