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My Boxing Day Saving Findings..

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KatyEb Thu 27-Dec-12 13:25:47

Hi Guys,

I Went out shopping on Boxing Day yesterday in Westfield and returned home - almost empty handed blush. The truth is what I've found in store seemed more like last year's 'selected' left-overs exposed at reduced price (only rarely at 50% off and over). So I thought I'd do more research online before I'd go hit the stores again , here's what I found so far:

- Great for Homeware:

I came across yesterday HushHush' partner page: - offering 20% off everything onsite with code MUMSNETSPECIAL20 (espires December 31st). Just bought massively discounted duvet set, see for yourselves smile

- If you're looking to buy new pushchairs/car seats check out Kiddisave and save 10% with code SAVE (valid till Dec. 31st):

- for new funky changing & sleeping bags go to Baby Curls and get 10% off with BABY10 code at check-out (till 1st May 2013):

- for quality maternity jeans go to Mama Jenius and bag their 20% off bargain with code MJAFF (valid till Dec. 31st):

- for organic French clothing for babies and kids (0-10 yrs) check out Bibaloo

and get either £30 off orders over £250 with code 30OFF250 or up to 50%
off now on site:

Hope it helps and if you happen to find any new offers/deals expiring soon please share,

Many thanks!
P.S. Wondering if there're more offers coming along in January? If so, will there be the right sizes to choose from or rather more 'left-overs'? Thinking positive..wink


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