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What did you get for DCs if you didn't get them a tablet/kindle/ipod/gadget ??

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Demolicious Thu 27-Dec-12 13:03:28

Just had fabulous Christmas and Boxing Day, lots of food/games/family. Nieces and nephews aged 6 to 11 got given the above from their parents, mainly to stop DCs running their parent's phone/ipad batteries down. We didn't get these for ours, mainly because we already have laptops in the house, DH's ipad, xbox, ipod, etc, which are used by everyone, and because there were other things on their list. We did suggest kindles but they said they didn't really need one because even though they read alot, kindles aren't allowed in school and hence they couldn't put reading books on there and take to school. They don't mind carrying books around.
Just wondering what else people bought for their 10-13 year olds ? DCs are fine, it's just me, I am feeling really awful right now and feeling like a terrible parent.

Dancergirl Wed 02-Jan-13 23:45:19

Dd1 (11) - Camera (not sure if that counts as electronic or not), Hollister hoodie and craft kit

Dd2 (nearly 10) iPod touch and Matilda tutor doll

Dd3 (5.5) - unicorn huggle buddy, lego friends set, ballerina doll

I don't like too much electronic stuff too soon. My rule of thumb is, wait until they've wanted something for a year or so, they appreciate it more...and don't buy when they're too young. I can just about justify an iPod for a 10 year old if they've wanted one for a while....but a £300 ipad for a 6 year old?? No way.

picturesinthefirelight, tell me more about the ballet barre. I have a keen ballet dancer here!

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