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This Christmas. Better than last yr or worse?

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2kidsintow Thu 27-Dec-12 00:00:30

Happily mine was better.

The kids weren't up too early, thanks to the warning that 'if it isn't light, it is too early' after I got DD1 to look it up and found that dawn was 8.10 or something similar.

No arguments or grumps from DH who hates Christmas as a rule. He even agreed without fuss to dinner at my parents' house.

Kids well behaved at my parents and later at my sister's house.

Food nice.
Gifts well received.

Next year will be dinner at ours, so he will be v happy and the kids can relax a bit more, and everyone will come around to us for tea.

LittleIllusionMachine Fri 28-Dec-12 09:26:35

Definitely worse, although last year's took some beating after ex-MIL got drunk and abusive.

Horrid EA Ex and I split up 8 months ago, he is living in our flat with new gf who is 3 months pregnant. We were together 9.5 years. DD saw him Boxing day, and although he is off work until the new year and I've tried to arrange contact he isn't interested. All this time I've been getting threats of violence from him.

I was dating someone amazing for 3 months and he ended things 2 weeks ago. Might sound crazy after such a short space of time but I'm heartbroken. He says he thinks I'm amazing, clever, beautiful etc but "doesn't know what he wants". I'm confused and sad. I miss him desperately.

It has been an awful, stressful year from beginning to end. Make that the past 10 years actually hmm

DD enjoyed the day massively though and it was brilliant to see her so excited. smile

I'm in a very bad place right now and I'm so glad xmas is over, I just want to go back to work. It's so hard to keep the happy face on.

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