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so its only....

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RabidCarrot Wed 26-Dec-12 10:10:42

364 days till Christmas grin

Nishky Sat 29-Dec-12 10:43:32

If I start the planning now I might be organised by Christmas next year !!

Plentyoffish Sat 29-Dec-12 11:25:46

smile had a fab Christmas this year

buzzgirly Sun 30-Dec-12 08:38:46

I am finally having a bit of post Christmas blues, it's finally all over hmm. And don't even mention New Year, it is a total non event.

On the plus side our family got a very special present on Christmas morning - a new baby nephew!

RabidCarrot Sun 30-Dec-12 08:50:18


Congratulation Buzz

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 31-Dec-12 01:35:35

oooh a little Christmas Baby - <<squeeee>> grin

Last day of the year now sad

NoMoreMarbles Mon 31-Dec-12 01:47:06

DH has told me we are starting planning early for Christmas it will be easier if we start in October...I had to break the news to him that I already start landing in August every year... Early for me would be NOW grin

I am planning to get all my wrapping paper and Xmas cards next week but no prezzies... I like to do the yearly Xmas prezzie round up in October grin

RabidCarrot Mon 31-Dec-12 10:28:48


RabidCarrot Mon 31-Dec-12 16:16:09


70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 01-Jan-13 03:27:31


Ah, you've got a bit of a problem with premature congratulation there Rabid
Fnarr Fnarr

But now, I can officially say

"Happy New Year".
Cos it is New Year.

So, how long now till I can start playing FairyTale of New York without looking like a dipstick?

buzzgirly Tue 01-Jan-13 07:25:44

Happy New Year! We did our usual of staying up until 12.05, it was bloody boring!!

RabidCarrot Tue 01-Jan-13 10:38:43


50shadesofknackered Tue 01-Jan-13 17:26:44

I'm very sad its all over and there are sooo many days till December sad

Snazzynewyear Tue 01-Jan-13 17:32:38

Yay! Love Christmas. I have started a debrief document on my laptop of things that worked well and things that didn't in 2012 so I can consult it and improve this year grin A countdown will help keep me focused.

LentilAsAnything Tue 01-Jan-13 23:58:30

Ooh, 358 days! I am already looking forward to it!

RabidCarrot Wed 02-Jan-13 08:17:34


fuzzpig Wed 02-Jan-13 08:31:29

<settles in>

Helenagrace Wed 02-Jan-13 08:33:03

I've done the same as snazzy.

Christmas planning is all year round here. It's DS's birthday in 9 days so it's temporarily suspended for that but I might just have a wee look at the reduced Christmas stuff while I'm out buying presents for him.

fuzzpig Wed 02-Jan-13 09:04:15

I'm trying to be more organised too. In the last few years all my advanced prep has been focused on presents. But, while I still want to shop in advance to save money/avoid crowded mall, I've also realised that by focusing entirely on presents I have neglected the other magical elements of Xmas that I would really rather focus on and give my DCs memories of!

buzzgirly Wed 02-Jan-13 12:52:05

Today I have started this years Christmas present list, otherwise I will forget and I can keep my eye out for offers.

I want to put a reminder on here for myself for next year - do not jam in so many activities for dd the week before Xmas. The poor wee thing was knackered!

RabidCarrot Wed 02-Jan-13 23:00:50

Following on from my post of December 12th 2012 when my heating broke....I now have heat again.
As you were.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 03-Jan-13 01:06:11

shock have you had no heating for over 3 weeks Rabid?

I'd be burning your LandLord at the stake (plenty of heat there)

That's horrendous angry

RabidCarrot Thu 03-Jan-13 09:16:47


LentilAsAnything Thu 03-Jan-13 22:00:21

No heating for Xmas? shock You poor things.

buzzgirly Fri 04-Jan-13 07:44:49

Rabid that's terrible you had to wait so long.

Well dd is still in Christmas spirit, whenever someone leaves the house she is still shouting "merry Christmas"

RabidCarrot Fri 04-Jan-13 09:04:13


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