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What random things do your DCs think Father Christmas can/will do when he visits your house?

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2kidsintow Fri 21-Dec-12 17:52:22

Mine says she thinks he will put up the new curtains and lampshade, and will change the duvet cover on her bed to the new Moshi Monsters ones she has asked for.... while she sleeps in there.

BeaWheesht Fri 21-Dec-12 18:28:51

Oh you should definitely do the bed thing - do you have a spare duvet and pillow so you could swap over?

I'm not sure what my kids think Santa can do other than bring presents and drink whisky wine

Ohcrud Fri 21-Dec-12 19:36:56

My dd has told me today Santa wraps presents and sneaks into her room while she sleeps and put the presents in there. Nothing too odd but I was not planning to wrap them and was planning to put them downstairs. Oh crud! Now I have to wrap and sneak....

2kidsintow Sat 22-Dec-12 00:11:41

We've always put the stocking gifts in their rooms, til they got freaked out one year and didn't want Father Christmas creeping in while they were asleep. They thought that was scary.
Which is why it is such a surprise that suddenly DD2 wants that to be the case.

She does sleep like the dead, so I shall aim to please....the lampshade just clips on, she has planned to sleep with her fluffy pyjamas and her fleece blanket so that 'he' can swap the duvets. The curtains pose the greatest problem, just because her mid bed is up against the window and I'll need to climb up and change them, kneeling on her bed.

It's a bit of a shame that she's decided that FC will do it, as I'd have liked to have surprised her that way myself.

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