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Anyone happen to have Sainsbury's christmas magazine...2006??

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MyPlumPuddingHasGoneWeird Wed 19-Dec-12 17:26:42

I am flying back to my parents house with DS tomorrow and rather foolishly bravely offered to cook the christmas dinner for 14 people. The only time I have ever done this before I used a recipe by Brian Glover in the Sainsbury's magazine 2006. He cooked the turkey upside-down and there was a delicious madeira gravy. The picture of the turkey is in the folder of old magazine cuttings that I have carefully saved, but I have lost the page with the recipe. I know its a long shot, but does anyone have it? I can probably work out the turkey (although it was very useful on timings) but the gravy was really good and I cant find it online.

I would just feel so much happier doing what I did last time! I think there was a lovely honey mustard glazed chipolata recipe too...

tudorrose Wed 19-Dec-12 17:59:24

Ive got that magazine, I used to buy it every Christmas. What do you need to know?

butterflybuns Wed 19-Dec-12 18:07:26

If it helps I always cook my whole chickens/ turkeys upside down thanks to that magazine. They come out juicy and scrummy and there's no need to baste as the fat and juices run from the bottom if the bird through the breast meat. Don't have the recipe anymore though for the glaze though.

MyPlumPuddingHasGoneWeird Wed 19-Dec-12 19:12:13

Oh wow tudorrose that is fantastic!

Well, number 1 priority is the Madeira gravy please, but if you are feeling very very kind and have a scanner then also the Turky recipe and the honey mustard chipolatas. It's as about page 115. I could pm you my email? I would be so grateful!

I'm just getting a bit panicky about doing such an important meal, not in my kitchen, when I can't start shopping or prepping til the 21st and every day is full of other stuff too! I would feel so much more in control if I had those recipes I have used before.

Yes I do chickens like that sometimes too butterflybuns, isn't it brill? Just makes them a bit squashed looking on top grin

tudorrose Wed 19-Dec-12 21:12:36

Hi, I have just emailed you so I hope you get it. If not pm me again and I will try again. Don't have a scanner unfortunately but I can type quite fast!

Really hope it all works out, it sounds delish.

MyPlumPuddingHasGoneWeird Wed 19-Dec-12 21:39:58

Got it! You're a star! thanks
It's a bit more complicated than I remembered <gulp>

BluelightsAndSirens Wed 19-Dec-12 21:50:48

That was a very long shot that paid off wasn't it plum grin

I'd be interested in a copy if you wouldn't mind passing the email on?

Good luck, it will be a magnificent Christmas dinner!

toofattorun Wed 19-Dec-12 23:05:36

Blimey!! That was impressive!!

Helenagrace Thu 20-Dec-12 07:05:11

Oh wow! I read your post yesterday and thought "not a chance!" But the vipers come up trumps again!!

I love Mumsnet.

MyPlumPuddingHasGoneWeird Thu 20-Dec-12 22:22:01

I know! So do I! grin and what a lovely lovely person tudorrose is.

It turns out it wasn't him who said to cook the turkey upside down, I must have got that idea somewhere else, the Madeira gravy recipe is there though, and he puts loads of herbs in the turkey which looks nice (going to raid my mums herb garden). V happy to pass it on! Just pm me your address.

Going to do roast potatoes, stuffing, sprouts with chestnuts and bacon, carrots, Savoy cabbage with Worcestershire sauce and French style peas (onions, stock, lettuce). Do you think adding celeriac mash would be overdoing it? Just got back to UK so off to the supermarket first light tomorrow.

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