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What is your Christmas menu?

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I want to know what you're eating on Christmas day.

I love to hear about the food.

LulaPalooza Tue 18-Dec-12 01:03:40

marriedandwreathedinholly thanks for the reminder re bread sauce! I ruddy well love bread sauce.

LineRunner and knackered - your alternative lunches sound delicious

SantaWearsGreen Tue 18-Dec-12 01:09:06

Crepes, croissants and French toast.
Then generally just graze before the dinner on ritz and chocolate.
Christmas dinner-
Starter- homemade mushroom soup and fresh bread
Delia's braised red cabbage and apple
Honey roasted parsnips&chantenay carrots
Cabbage mash
Roast potatoes
Cauliflower cheese
Mashed swede
Sage&onion stuffing
Homemade onion gravy all over.
Dessert- homemade Christmas cake and cranberry wensleydale cheese (brandy cream for DH who doesn't 'get' the mixture of cheese and cake.. hmm )

Then just eat our body weight in biscuits, chocolate, mince pies and a lot of other junk! YAY CHRISTMAS grin

OvOinAManger Tue 18-Dec-12 01:10:36

Indian food. grin

There's an aaaamazing Indian resteraunt in my town so we've decided to have a huge feast from there on Christmas day. So much more a treat for us than a roast. Plus no cooking.

AlohaMama Tue 18-Dec-12 01:18:30

ginger I'm coming to your place for Christmas grazing - sounds amazing!!

line that sounds delish too. Wow think I'm just going to do a culinary tour of all your houses!!

For Christmas our menu is:
Croissant and fruit salad for breakfast. No bucks fizz this year cos I'm pregnant and dh can't get through a bottle of champers alone!

Lunch: Jamie Oliver rolled bread stuffed with eggs, parma ham, cheese, dips, fruit (it's hot so we'll probably have picnic at the beach)

Dinner: Turkey with chesnut & sausagemeat stuffing
Dates wrapped in bacon
Sprouts stir fried with bacon, orange zest and chestnuts
Red cabbage, apple and bacon
Roast potatoes & parsnips
Swede & carrot mash
Home made bread sauce, cranberry chutney, gravy
Dessert will be mango cream pots, essentially a glorified mango fool.

WhatSheSaid Tue 18-Dec-12 01:37:34

Dh is cooking it all so I'm a bit hazy on the particulars but

Turkey and bacon terrine
Lamb (probably barbecued) and salads
Summer pudding
Nice cheeses and crackers

Line & Knackered - de...bloody...liocious.

Black pudding & apple stuffing

300g onions
50g butter
200g breadcrumbs
40g sage
30g parsley
2 cloves of garlic
6 pickled walnuts
zest & juice of an orange
2 bramleys chopped
500g black pudding
goose liver, sauted & chopped
One egg

Sweat onions, mix everything else together & bind with the egg - shove up the arse of the goose - cook - eat.

(de-bloody-licious - even)

MummyPig24 Tue 18-Dec-12 07:07:04

Breakfast (having dad and his gf over)-
Fruit salad
Pain au chocolat

Lunch (at grandparents)
Melon & Parma ham
Roast beef
Roast potatoes
Brussels fried with bacon
Cauliflower cheese
Yorkshire puds

Chocolate hazelnut cheesecake
Raspberry waffle pudding
Christmas pudding

Think there will be 12 for lunch!

beachyhead Tue 18-Dec-12 07:40:32

We are just our family this year for the first time, so we are having bacon sarnies and hot chocolate with marshmallows in our van at the beach for breakfast, then having a fondue for lunch. One cheese and one meat.

We had a vote and pizza came a close second!

Can't wait..

We are seeing everyone next weekend though so I'll do a full roast beef Christmassy meal then...

JakeBullet Tue 18-Dec-12 07:49:49

Right you lot.....this all sounds fabulous and I fancy an easy Xmas so what time should I come round grin?

We are having:

Breakfast....smoked salmon, toast and Bucks Fizz....well I am anyway. DS will probably eat his body weight in chocolate.


Four Bird Roast
Roast potatoes done with shallots
Red cabbage
Sprouts done with bacon (have to say I loved the shredded sprouts with mustard, honey and cream mentioned further down).
Pigs in blankets
Bread sauce
Cranberry sauce etc

Christmas Pudding with cream or mince pies to follow.

If anyone can still manage more later then crackers, olives, smoked salmon etc.

TooManyQualityStreet Tue 18-Dec-12 09:57:38

Pheasant breast (only decided this morning), roast potatoes, carrots & brussels. Veggies are having Christmas pies (mushroom/leek/chestnut in suet pastry).

Followed by Christmas pud & custard or chocolate mousse.

TheElfOnThePanopticon Tue 18-Dec-12 10:55:38

Breakfast: chocolate coins and other stuff from stockings.

Lunch: smoked salmon on wheaten bread.

Roast chicken
Roast potatoes in goose fat
Roast Brussels sprouts with bacon
Carrot and swede mash
Roast parsnips
Possibly roast onions and/or petits pois a la francaise.
Bread sauce and cranberry sauce.
Pork, sage and onion stuffing
Pigs in blankets.

Christmas pudding/ Yule log.

Taffeta Tue 18-Dec-12 13:40:28

Breakfast: Toasted almond panettone and juice/coffee
Midday: Gravadlax nibbles - prob blini or croustade or mini rye bread w sour cream dill black pepper and lemon
3ish: Turkey, roast potatoes, parmesan parsnips, sausages w bacon, stuffing, red cabbage, carrots, spruts, cranberry compote and bread sauce, gravy
MIL's Xmas pud and brandy butter/custard/cream, mince pies w custard for DC

I struggle at 6-7ish as our guests want to eat again and by that time I want to watch TV and veg, so I think I shall get it all ready after lunch......

Later: Ham, cold turkey, crackers, cheese, salad
Stollen, Xmas cake, mince pies, fruit salad, chocolates

butterflybuns Tue 18-Dec-12 14:10:59

Christmas Eve- slow cooker ham and chips with black forest gateaux for pudding.

Christmas Day- croissants for breakfast. Then turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, veg, red cabbage, pigs in blankets, devils on horsebacks, gravy, bread sauce and cranberry sauce. Pudding will be Christmas pud, trifle or Vienetta!! Pork pie and cheese and Christmas cake for tea.

Boxing Day- sandwiches and pork pie for lunch. Leftovers and pickles with baked potatoes.

Bring. It. On!

YouCanBe Tue 18-Dec-12 14:19:54

We are having duck for our main course (only three of us) with the typical Christmassy veg and roast potatoes, and ice cream for dessert- nobody really likes Christmas pudding or cake, so I said DD could choose.

jojane Tue 18-Dec-12 14:20:58

We are having nice soup ad year and share bread followed by ice cream Father Christmas grotto on Xmas eve followed by Xmas hot choc for supper (snowman marshmallows, candy canes and lots of cream ad some choc dipping spoons)
Xmas morning is croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisen
Lunch is prawn cocktail (me and DH) melon balls (dd) and tomato soup (ds1) ds2 will have a bit of everything!
Main is turkey crown, ham, pigs in blankets, stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce an gravy, roast potatoes, honey parsnips, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli cheese bake, red cabbage.
Xmas pud for dessert then tea will be cheese and crackers and picky bits but lot expecting much to be eaten and Boxing Day will be picky bits, cheese and crackers, mini jacket spuds etc and a trifle.

wordfactory Tue 18-Dec-12 14:27:51

Sausage meat stuffing with apricots and apple.
Chipolatas wrapped in bacon.
Roast potatoes.
Potato gratin.
Carrots and peas.

Christmas pudding with egg nog cream.

HintofBream Tue 18-Dec-12 15:01:55

Christmas Eve: Pierrade (various meats cooked on hot stone), raclettes (small potatoes sliced ith ham, cornichons, little onions and proper raclette cheese and toasted in little shovels under the pierrade, cheese fondue for the veggies, plus salad. Homemade icecream. Traditional here and looked forward to by one and all. (8 of us).
Christmas day brunch, champagne, smoked salmon etc, maybe Nigella's Strata, then snacking on all sorts, rocky road, spicy popcorn, cheese bics, (home made) etc until dinner in evening. No starter.
Usual turkey, cooked via Nigella's spicy brining method - superb! brussels and chestnuts, sausages, bacon rolls, veggie saus, carrots, peas, roasties etc. Christmas pud, lashings of brandy butter (made it today) marzipan fruits (will make tomorrow) and marrons glaces (if they work - in the throes of doing them, they need day after day of simmering and cooling, none too optimistic, may end up with chestnut gravel)/
Boxing day, eat up leftovers plus buche de Noel,
27th total mystery,sons cooking for us.

LulaPalooza Tue 18-Dec-12 17:42:38

Oh my! I want raclette so badly I may have to go out and buy a grill!!!

HintofBream Tue 18-Dec-12 19:21:22

I know, Lula. We love it because it puts us in the mood for skiing which comes soon after Christmas. Lidl sometimes has raclette grills very cheaply, and they usually have raclette cheese at the same time, so we stock up then.

Allalonenow Tue 18-Dec-12 20:56:05

Breakfast is almond croissants or various panettone. Traditionally, we used to have Fizz with this, but am on my own now, so I will probably have a jug of hot chocolate.
I've got some frozen vodka cocktails to see me through the morning, and they will be supported by nibbles, no real starter, but nibbles include blinis with sour cream and caviare and fishy filo parcels.
Lunch is Yorkshire pudding, rare roast beef and roast root vegetables with lashings of gravy.
Pudding is flamed Christmas pud with brandy sauce or I've got brandy butter if I am feeling lazy.
Then chocs port dates figs and nuts to finish. Wine throughout, and probably calvados to finish.
I won't need to cook again for days, I can just eat leftovers!

LineRunner Tue 18-Dec-12 21:15:09

How do people have nice crusty bread on Christmas Day btw?

AlohaMama Tue 18-Dec-12 21:25:52

linerunner make from scratch (though I've never managed to get a good crust) or buy those part baked baguettes that you can finish off in the oven.

MisForMumNotMaid Tue 18-Dec-12 21:26:52

Breakfast ham carved off bone with toast, croissants, brioche and croissants plus cereals, yogurts, fruit, chutneys / mustards. Fruit juices tea and coffee

Present time is champagne, salmon pinwheels, stuffed cherry tomato, asparagus wrapped in parma ham, open salmon sandwiches, king prawns and sweet chilli dip.(pringles may get a look in)

Starter: trio of game;confit of duck shredded salad with craisons soaked in orange juice, skinned orange segments, duck pate with olive oil toasts and thin sliced smoked goose breast

Main: turkey crown, turkey brown meat roll stuffed with pork meat, orange zest cranberries soaked in port, and chestnut and cranberry stuffing, roast route veg, roast potatos - lots of, pigs in blankets, various stuffings wrapped in bacon parcels, experimental chippolata stuffing sausages with various flavours including minced pork, cranberry, orange zest and port, sage/onion and turkey, turkey chestnut and cranberry. Brussel sprouts, yorkshire puddings, parsnips, bread sauce, cranberry sauces, lots of made in advance chicken/ roast veg/ white wine and herb gravy. And no doubt other things i'd forgotten i've made and popped in the freezer.

Pudding: christmas pud various creams and brandy butters, mini pots haagen Daz

Tripple berry platter with chocolates, cheese board, coffees, liquors.

Evening meal: (like we ever have room) fresh baked sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, turkey sandwiches, kettle chips, nuts and fruit. Lots of cakes and pies.

Later in evening Christmas cake and brandy.

Funny thing is I don't eat much when I'm cooking on Christmas day.

Off to print thread and get more ideas for a bit of variety next year.

LineRunner Tue 18-Dec-12 22:33:26

Aloha I have just invested in the part baked Co-Op baguettes!

And I'm going to do myself a festive Scandinavian cheesboard. grin

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