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Feeding a Christmas cake

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Helenagrace Sun 16-Dec-12 08:53:54

My MIL has made me a Christmas cake. She's teetotal so she's put no alcohol in it at all. It feels hard and heavy.

Do you think I can redeem it by feeding it a lot over the next few days or do I cut my losses and go and buy one?

DameMargotFountain Sun 16-Dec-12 08:57:54

strong cold sweetened tea might give it a bit of moisture, but as long as it's been in a container, it'll probably be delicious, honest

rich fruit cake is very dense anyway

DameMargotFountain Sun 16-Dec-12 08:58:14

sorry, black milk grin

Helenagrace Sun 16-Dec-12 09:00:25

damemargot tea?!?! I'll have to think about that one as I don't like tea very much. Will it taste if tea? I was thinking myself of liberal doses of brandy!!

chocolateicecream Sun 16-Dec-12 13:31:07

Poke lots of holes in it and drown it with brandy. I always store mine with an apple because my Grandad told me that it keeps the cake moist. If it is a bit dry just enjoy it with a slightly creamier cheese.

DameMargotFountain Sun 16-Dec-12 16:03:08


i thought you wanted to keep the cake teetotal grin

in that case, warm up some brandy and give the bugger a bath grin

chocolateicecream Sun 16-Dec-12 17:01:32

LOL DameMargot. I bet that you make lovely Christmas cakes!

Startail Sun 16-Dec-12 17:06:50

I have a syringe with a villainous long needle.

(I bought it nice and new and sterile when I was a post grad. We used them all the time for getting reagents out of self sealing bottles.)

Makes less mess of the cake than a skewer.

DameMargotFountain Sun 16-Dec-12 20:04:15

aw, thanks chocolate

i don't know if it's 'lovely' but it sure is boozy grin

need to marzipan it tomorrow, with a mask so i'm not overcome by fumes

Startail Sun 16-Dec-12 23:24:35

DH got my non drinking DDad tips on Christmas cake, He soaked the fruit for several days in this

it should be noted that we used 70% alcohol as a cheap no residue disinfectant a lot in the lab.

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