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Starting my wrapping today... This is when I regret buying so much!!!

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iloveholidays Sat 15-Dec-12 07:28:44

DP is taking DD1&2 out to family for the day so I can sit on the sofa cuddling 5 week old DD3 do a bit of work and start my wrapping. Part of me is excited, part is dreading it!!

Any tips to not get bored after I've wrapped the first present? smile

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Sat 15-Dec-12 07:30:56

Awwww, with new baby.
I think the key is to put some crap on telly and just keep going.

wonderstuff Sat 15-Dec-12 07:34:42

I love wrapping - put on crimbo tunes - I find mulled wine helps - but probably not at this time of the morning! I like to have lovely paper and lots of ribbon and make my cheap presents look fantastic.

It's writing cards that I can't bare.

JustCallMeBaldrick Sat 15-Dec-12 08:18:34

I've still got to locate most of presents I've bought! They're all in 'safe' places, and I have a horrible feeling I'll still be finding them in June.

When I find them the fun really starts, as all 3DCs have birthdays in the next month, so I need 3 piles for each one - birthday, from FC, and from us for Christmas...

Then a large ginger wine and some carols to listen to, and lots of paper (not getting so sozzled that I wrap birthday presents in Cmas paper or vice versa!)

bedmonster Sat 15-Dec-12 08:38:40

hmm am very jealous of all the wrapping. Have done most of mine and its my favourite bit. Nice paper, contrasting ribbon, no bows though!, sticky label tags, not silly string ones that fall off. In front of the fire with a glass of something and a Xmas special on the telly.
Seriously contemplating buying more presents just so I can wrap more things.
<sad cow>

MsElleTow Sat 15-Dec-12 08:45:12

I've done all mine! I do it as I go along!

iloveholidays Sat 15-Dec-12 09:50:40

Bedmonster - you're not in Hampshire are you? You're welcome to come round and join me!! smile

Just about to start - need to dig all the presents out first. DD3 wide awake and fed, fingers crossed she doesn't need too many cuddles today smile

Benaberry Sat 15-Dec-12 09:59:45

Just about finished mine now - agree with Christmas music (have been working through the cheesy "top Xmas tunes" type programmes on the music channels), mulled wine or alcohol free punch if too early, mince pies, and crack on.

It now looks like Santa has crashed his sleigh in our house - kept thinking I was done, and then finding another "little something" in the back of the wardrobe/cupboard/drawers! Have put some of these back now as ds1's birthday is in a month, so he can have some then

Yama Sat 15-Dec-12 10:04:38

I came home from my Christmas party last night to the sight of dh knee deep in presents and wrapping paper. He got it ALL done. I'll only get to wrap my presents to him this year. <sob>

iloveholidays Sat 15-Dec-12 10:59:49

I wish my DP would do mine... he refuses to wrap until the last minute.

Nearly done on DPs stuff... although think I'm missing a couple. Then to attack the DCs stuff!!

DoubleMum Sat 15-Dec-12 12:37:01

Very jealous at the thought of DP's doing the wrapping.

Actually remembering how very badly DH wraps perhaps not ...

EarnestDullard Sat 15-Dec-12 12:41:34

I do mine in front of a Christmas film. Last year was Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged the year before that.

trumpalot Sat 15-Dec-12 13:00:41

i started and finished mine last night. put dd to bed, lit a candle and just kept going. I know dh hasnt started xmas shopping yet. I ve wrapped all dd s pressies and his. But am now thinking do i need to buy more? do this every year, put loads of thought into what to get and stuff the peole will like or use and not just smellies ( i hate getting smellies as a gift. it makes me feel that no thought has gone into who i am and what i actually like!) am i mean?

rhondajean Sat 15-Dec-12 14:00:15

No, but I loooove smellies. As long as they are nice ones.

I have three items left to wrap. I'm relieved to have it all done tbh. I've struggled to get time without dds being around.

marriedandwreathedinholly Sat 15-Dec-12 14:09:30

Not onto the wrapping yet but all the presents are bought. All the Xmas cards are written - finished this morning all 130!!!!! Tree decorating tomorrow although they are in and the lights are on - wrapping will start next week in the evenings to give me a day or two to sort out anything I've forgotten and the big Xmas shop probably in two parts over Saturday and Sunday - then it's resting and relaxing, except for cooking which I love anyway. Ooh excited now. From tomorrow lots of scented candles and carols I think.

We are going out far too much though, drinks tonight, drinks tomorrow lunch, concert tomorrow night, then neighbours drinks on Thursday, fit in the Hobbit with dd, carol concert, etc., etc.. and lots of church.

lljkk Sat 15-Dec-12 14:10:47

I am dreading this, too. Think I will have a blitz one day next week and then again on 23rd. At least I have found a hiding place for the wrapped ones.

iloveholidays Sat 15-Dec-12 14:11:13

I've given up for today. I've done all of DPs and made a dent on the DDs... will have to do the rest one evening. Family members I'm planning to do with DD1 next week when DD2 at the childminders.

Glad to have made a start though, now need to clear up from breakfast and lunch smile

SuffolkNWhat Sat 15-Dec-12 14:12:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fuzzpig Sat 15-Dec-12 18:03:54

I've been looking forward to wrapping this year. With nicer paper and ribbon, I was planning to get Baileys and put on a new DVD (White Christmas)

Unfortunately DS has been very unwell and we are hardly getting any time to ourselves so I'm not sure how it's going to work.

iloveholidays Sat 15-Dec-12 23:02:28

Oh fuzzpig, hope DS is better soon.

Well DD1 fell asleep on the way back from Grandma's this afternoon which always means she can't get to sleep in the evening, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and let her stay up late and help me wrap. Managed to get my family members all done so just the DDs to finish off smile. Very relieved as I've been dreading getting the wrapping done but feels achievable now even with 5 week or DD needing cuddles each evening!!

i do a few each night. i have done about a dozen tonight and given up now.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Dec-12 00:11:41

I use one paper for DS and another for DD

A tip I read (probably on MN grin ) was use an ironing board (correct height to work on)
Sticky tape on a roll dispenser with the cutter included.

Tedious as all getout but at least I'm not wrapping on the kitchen floor on Christmas Eve (I have been there)

bedmonster Sun 16-Dec-12 01:05:10

iloveholidays I AM in Hampshire!! But don't worry, DC came home today with more presents they have bought for their little brother and my mum and dad and their friends so we had a lovely evening wrapping. I've had my sad fix grin

iloveholidays Sun 16-Dec-12 03:24:10

bedmonster smile glad your got your fix, if you have any withdrawal symptoms give me a shout smile

Have to say it was more fun doing some with DD1 tonight

fuzzpig Sun 16-Dec-12 07:46:08

Thanks ilove smile he is definitely improving now and actually slept in his own bed all night - first time in weeks!

This year I got one of those hand Sellotape dispenser thingies with precut strips grin

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