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How do i do christmas?

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Canweputthetreeupyet Thu 13-Dec-12 10:25:35

Dp has just walked out on us. Hes lost his keys u got the blame, he told me i cant control the dcs he trashed the house while looking for his keys. Told him to get out hes took my car and gone said its over. Im glad in a way hes a fuckin prick, he " lost " his bank card the other week i got the blame again turns out it was in his pocket all along which i suspect is where his keys are, as thats where they were the last time he lost them.

Anyway we were ment to be going to his familys for xmas day. Now that wont be happening so my question is how do i pull christmas dinner off without being stuck in the kitchen whilst dcs are in the room with their pressies???

Marne Thu 13-Dec-12 10:52:27

So sorry you are going through this so close to christmas sad.
Keep christmas dinner simple, prep all your veg and cook turkey the day before, make a pudding the day before or buy a christmas pudding or ready made pud (cheese cake, gataux type thing).

Canweputthetreeupyet Thu 13-Dec-12 10:58:52

Things im a really rubbish cook, can i buy a roast in the tray turkey from m&s? I want it to be a proper dinner but as easy as possible so i can spend time with the dcs

Marne Thu 13-Dec-12 11:19:46

Yes, you can buy a turkey roast from M&S (much easier as they come with instructions/cooking times), its quite easy to do a roast without having to do too much, you can buy veg already pealed and chopped too, put the turkey and potatoes in the oven at the same time, cook the veg 20 minutes before the turkey is ready, you could use bisto to save making gravey.

I will be doing most of my veg the day before and cooking my turkey so i dont have to do much christmas day (hate the thought of being stuck in the kitchen away from the dc's). TBH a roast dinner is one of the easiest things to cook if you keep it simple as you can just pop it in the oven and leave it.

Haberdashery Thu 13-Dec-12 11:19:53

You can buy pretty much everything ready made so they just go in the oven/microwave as appropriate. Sorry to hear about your ex's behaviour, he sounds an idiot.

Canweputthetreeupyet Thu 13-Dec-12 11:50:53

Hes an arse. I cant put up with him any longer hes not ruining dcs christmas with his childish behaviour.

CherryTheRedNosedReindeer Thu 13-Dec-12 12:18:09

why did he take your car?

Canweputthetreeupyet Thu 13-Dec-12 12:24:30

Because he bought it, basically. He always takes it when we argue. I dont know why i have put up with his shit for as long as i have. Hes moving into his nans hes just phoned hes coming for his stuff i cant wait for him to fuck off.

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