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Desperately seeking robot!

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KateOxford Sat 08-Dec-12 17:01:15

Can anyone suggest a robot toy for a 2.5 yr old boy - a traditional style one rather than v tech. Any ideas gratefully received. Thank you!

CrazyChristmasLady Sat 08-Dec-12 20:24:45

I have a Happy Land one for sale if you are interested? [cgrin]

BobbyMcGee Sun 09-Dec-12 08:15:18

We have the happy land one. It's great. My dc love it. (2.2yrs and 3yrs)

FoxyRevenger Sun 09-Dec-12 08:20:14

V Tech have one called Gadget the Robot, we are getting it for our 2.6 year old daughter. We took her to see it in the shop and she loved it. You can get it from Amazon for about 30 quid.

FoxyRevenger Sun 09-Dec-12 08:20:49

Oh just saw not V Tech! Ah well.

Nivet Sun 09-Dec-12 08:26:38

Had exactly the same problem. DS has the VTech Gadget Robot, obviously not what he wanted - too educational and happy.

I found a very nasty lump of plastic with lights and sounds from Asda Direct in their two for £20 toy deal. It's horrible but I think it's exactly what DS is imagining when he asks for a robot.


Seems to be out of stock online but they were still in stores.

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