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I may have got over-excited when picking a Christmas tree this morning...

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BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 20:00:18

My word, I thought our local garden centre was pricy. We are seeing fc nex sunday at chirk castle

MsElleTow Sat 08-Dec-12 19:53:38

I know Blame! The garden centre is so posh, everyone pulls up in their Mercs and Range Rovers, takes the kids to see Santa (costs a tenner for some tat), buys a ridiculously expensive Christmas tree, and the owner pays all the teens the minimum wage!

DS1 is 18 on Friday so will at least get a rise for next weekend!

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 19:45:43

Msellie, that's insane!

Mine cost £20 and £10 for the small one. The 5-6ft one I got from homebase last year was £50.

MrsG, dh grumbles about the mess, but they are so nice.

MrsGeologist Sat 08-Dec-12 19:38:41

Well Jel of your real tree Blameit. I might get a real one next year.

MsElleTow Sat 08-Dec-12 19:38:18

DS1 is selling trees at the local posh garden centre. The most expensive one he sold today was £120 and 9ft tall!

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 19:36:19

grin we got a little one too, for ds to throw tinsel at. I love real trees.

oldraver Sat 08-Dec-12 19:27:22

I used to buy our tree from the land our house is now built on. The first year I went to the bungalow with a sign outside and was told to go round the back while he got a spade

When I walked into the garden I saw a long line of very tall trees (talking above a house height) I just stood there saying "I only want 6ft off the top". The tall trees were the edging of a mini Christmas Tree wood, and some of them are now in my front garden. We always used to pick a too big for the house tree and end up chopping it down

sunnyday123 Sat 08-Dec-12 19:19:03

Me too! It's 8ft and was like something out of national lampoons when I undone the netting once in position! It had to have a full trim all round! Look fab though!

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 15:34:54

its too low to take off the trunk, unfortunately. the top is v long though and will be covered by the angel at least. good luck for next week. its sitting in the corner now, begging to be decorated. but we do it tomorrow, when dh is at home. bloody inconsiderate of him to work saturdays!!

Startail Sat 08-Dec-12 15:26:26

If it touches the ceiling be sure to cut a decent bit off the top. We left ours touch and now have pine resin we can't remove without redecorating (this is not going to happen).

If you can take it off the trunk it is much better.

We'll be off next weekend to cut down some poor unsuspecting tree and taking a tapesmile

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 15:18:31

last year I got it from homebase. spent £50 on this lovely tree that retained all its needles.

this year we went to a friend of my dads' farm and only spent £30 for the two. and the small one is in a pot.

IslaValargeone Sat 08-Dec-12 15:16:23

Ooh fab, I've never done that before.
We have always got some ropey old thing from Sainsburys at the last minute.

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 15:14:17

thats what we did!! I wandered around this field full of trees until I found the perfect one. and it is gorgeous. the smell alone is just so... christmassy. its just a tad big. we have to take a couple of inches off the top.

IslaValargeone Sat 08-Dec-12 15:10:28

Obviously that should say forest eases off mulled wine

IslaValargeone Sat 08-Dec-12 15:09:17

The bigger the better.
We are doing it all Clark Griswold stylee on Wednesday and chopping ours down in a forset, I am very excited.

BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels Sat 08-Dec-12 15:05:13

I was looking for a 5-6ft, quite bushy traditional fir.

its about 7.5ft and very VERY bushy

and I got another, smaller tree for the hallway.

dh will never trust me to get the tree again!

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