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List frustration....

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pookamoo Fri 07-Dec-12 01:17:06

My family (DParents, brother and sis) have asked for a Christmas list.

DH has a few bits on his that he has jotted down through the year (mostly stuff for the garage/car).
The DCs are easy as they are 4 and 1.
But I can NOT for the life of me write a list.

There's nothing I want or need. If I try to write a list I have to go shopping online to look for stuff I actually don't really need or want, but just to make a list...


I don't wear perfume or makeup
I don't need any new clothes
I don't really "do" IT gadgets (and would be out of budget probably anyway!)
We don't buy DVDs or collect them, so it just wouldn't be something I would want
I have no idea what CDs are out at the moment
I like reading but don't get time to concentrate (see ages of children! wink) plus I use the library...
What else do people ask for at Christmas time?

The only thing I came up with was an advanced driving lesson to teach me how to drive in the snow because I am scared I will have to do it with the kids in the car and I don't know how. Is that a stupid present? I would be happy with that and nothing else!

I feel really ungrateful. I haven't even started shopping (although I have received the round robin email with everyone else's lists so I should be ready to go). Actually feeling a bit stressed and sad about it and like I am being a humbug. I just want everyone to be together and happy, but feel cheesy and naff saying so.

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Fri 07-Dec-12 01:56:46

Actually the driving in adverse conditions tutorial sounds v sensible - it's not the kind of thing you feel justified putting in the household budget - could be fun too. So a "treat" almost but practical, not frivolous, good idea!

How about jewellery or a watch.
An overnight bag.
Really decent shampoo/conditioner the sort you don't get for yourself.

After a few years' living together, stuff like towels wear out, anything you had as a wedding gift that's looking tatty or you wish you'd got more of.

If people ask for ideas why do they groan when you ask for something mundane but useful!

I used to put real effort into buying presents, no hardship I enjoyed it but when people asked me for ideas I'd think, can't they think for themselves? Not to mention I'd sacrifice my own ideas for DH and DCs. If I asked for inspiration, they'd say oh no, surprise us!

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Fri 07-Dec-12 02:06:59

PS Totally get what you mean about just being happy together. Everyone's been saying either, well there's a recession on, or, Christmas is just for the children.

Er, no, I love it, I'm not spending like a loon but let's spread some cheer. Better to be relaxed and happy than blowing the budget and outdoing everyone else in conspicuous spending, must be a happy medium somewhere. (And if I hear one more reference to Mayan calendars...!).

amck5700 Fri 07-Dec-12 09:30:42

Baby sitting promises and hair do/massage etc vouchers so you could actually use them.
Money/voucher towardsthe afore mentioned driving lesson
Basic Kindle
Book Light
Nice slippers/underwear
Magazine subscription
Love film or similar subscription for a year

pookamoo Fri 07-Dec-12 15:34:09

Some lovely ideas here, thank you ladies!
Babysitting's always tricky as we live 3 hours from any family, but it would tie in well with a visit from the inlaws - we'd go out in the evening while they were here! smile

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